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July 21, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number


Patriotic emblems, 73-701 et seq.


Lien for charges due, 36-201 et seq.

Limitation of liability, 36-402, 36-403


See, also, subhead Bond under Criminal Procedure, this index

Extradition, commitment to await requisition, 22-2715 et seq.

Limitation of actions, 60-511

Release, criminal procedure, 22-2801 et seq.

Right to, Kan. Const., Bill of Rights, § 9

Traffic offenses, see subhead, Appearance bonds, under Traffic Rules and Regulations, this index


Appointment, 20-345


Acknowledgment goods held for buyer, 84-2-705

Bills of Lading, generally, this index

Commercial code, application, 84-7-703

Delay, delivery of goods, 84-7-403

Delivery of goods, duty, 84-7-403

Documents of Title, generally, this index

Good faith delivery of goods, documents of title, 84-7-404

Governing law, effective date, 84-7-704

Liens, 58-208 et seq.

Sale of goods, tender of delivery, 84-2-503

Sales Act, risk of loss, 84-2-509

Services or facilities to be afforded by, laws not repealed by Commercial Code, 84-10-101

Stoppage of delivery, 84-2-703, 84-2-705

Warehouse Receipts, generally, this index


Bread and flour enrichment, 65-2301 et seq.


Elections, this index


Motor carriers, transportation, schools, exemption, 66-1,109


Brucellosis. Animal Diseases, this index


Commissioner. See, Banks and Banking, this index


See, also, Deposits and Depositories, generally, this index; State Depositories, generally, this index

Generally, 9-1101, 84-4-101 et seq.


Death of customer, 84-4-405

Defined, 84-3-410

Incompetency of customer, 84-4-405

Notice of holding, 84-4-212


Charging, 84-4-303

Defined, 84-4-104

Sequence of charging, paying or certifying, 84-4-303

Actions, conflict of laws, 84-4-102

Adverse claims, 9-1207

Afternoon, defined, 84-4-104

Agency relationship, 84-4-201

Agreement for electronic presentment, defined, 84-4-110

Agreements, variation, 84-4-103


Defined, 84-3-407

Duty of customer, 84-4-406

Application of U.C.C. article 4, 84-4-102, 84-4-201

Variation by agreement, 84-4-103

Bank, defined, 84-4-105

Bank cards, prepaid, defined, 50-6,108,

Bank service corporation, functions, 9-1123 et seq.

Banking, defined, 9-701

Banking day, defined, 84-4-104

Branch banks, 84-1-201, 84-4-107

Separate bank for computing time, 84-4-107

Stop payment orders, 84-4-107

Burden of proof,

Damages, payment after stop payment order, 84-4-403

Cashier's check,

Defined, 84-3-104

Settlement of item, 84-4-213

Cemetery corporation, 17-1348

Certificates of deposit,

Application, 84-4-104

Defined, 84-3-104

Certified check,

Defined, 84-3-409

Time for presenting, 84-4-404

Charge-back, 84-4-214


Defined, 84-3-104, 84-4-110

Application, 84-4-104

Overdraft, 84-4-401

Postdated, 84-4-401

Time for presenting, 84-4-404

Children and minors, 9-1204


Defined, 84-4-104

Provisional settlement for item through, 84-4-215

Return, item received through, 84-4-301

Rules varied by agreement, 84-4-103

Closing time, item or deposit received after, 84-4-108

Collecting bank,

Care required, 84-4-202

Charge-back, 84-4-214

Death of customer, 84-4-405

Defined, 84-4-105

Delay beyond time limit, 84-4-109

Dishonor, post

Documents of title, warranties, 84-7-508

Duration, security, interest, 84-4-210

Final payment, 84-4-215

Holder in due course, 84-4-211

Incompetence of customer, 84-4-405

Insolvency and preference, 84-4-216

Instructions, 84-4-203, 84-4-204

Methods of sending and presenting, 84-4-204

Nonpayment, 84-4-202

Notice of dishonor, 84-4-202

Notice of item not payable, 84-4-212

Payments suspended, 84-4-216

Presentment, 84-4-202

Presumption and duration of agency status, 84-4-201

Refund, 84-4-214

Secured transactions, 84-9-203

Priorities, 84-9-312

Security interest, 84-4-210

Filing financing statement to perfect, 84-9-302

Sending direct to payor bank, 84-4-204

Time limits, 84-4-109

Warranties, 84-4-207

Documents of title, 84-7-508

Collection, nonaction, 84-4-102

Colleges and universities, 76-720

Bond sale proceeds, 76-6a20

Disbursement, 76-720

Commercial paper, application, 84-4-102

Conflict of laws, 84-1-301, 84-4-102

Conversion, 84-4-203

Counties, loss by bank failure, 19-2635 et seq.

County park districts, 19-2892

County treasurer, duplicate deposit ticket, 19-531


Charge-back or refund, 84-4-214

Provisional status, 84-4-201

Settlement of item, 84-4-213

Withdrawal, availability for, 84-4-215


Alterations, duty, 84-4-406

Charging against account, 84-4-401

Damages for wrongful dishonor, 84-4-402

Death, 84-4-405

Defined, 84-4-104

Incompetence, 84-4-405

Overdraft, liability, 84-4-401

Postdated items, liability, 84-4-401

Stop payment orders, 84-4-403

Unauthorized signature, duty, 84-4-406

Warranties, 84-4-207

Damages, 84-4-103

Breach of warranties, 84-4-207, 84-4-208, 84-4-209

Payment after stop payment order, 84-4-403

Wrongful dishonor, 84-4-402

Death of customer, 84-4-405

Default, 84-4-202

Deferred posting, 84-4-301

Definitions, 9-701, 84-4-104, 84-4-105, 84-4-106, 84-4-110

Delay, 84-4-109

Notice of, 84-4-202

Demand draft, defined, 84-3-104

Depositories, Deposits and Depositories, generally, this index; State Depositories, generally, this index

Depository bank,

Charge-back, 84-4-214

Defined, 84-4-105

Final payment, 84-4-215

Holder and holder in due course, 84-4-205

Warranties, 84-4-205, 84-4-209


Documentary drafts, 84-4-501, 84-4-503, 84-4-504

Items not payable at bank, 84-4-212

Notice of dishonor, post

Obligations, customer, collecting bank, 84-4-207

Postdated items, 84-4-401

Presenting bank, collections, 84-4-503

Time, 84-4-301

Warranties, 84-4-208

Wrongful, damages, 84-4-402

Documentary drafts, 84-4-501 et seq.

Defined, 84-4-104

Handling, 84-4-501

Notice of dishonor, 84-4-501

Presentment, 84-4-501

On-arrival drafts, 84-4-502

Privilege of presenting bank to deal with goods, 84-4-504

Referees, 84-4-503

Report of reasons for dishonor, 84-4-503

Security interest for expenses, 84-4-504


Defined, 84-3-104, 84-4-104

Documentary drafts, 84-4-501 et seq.

On-arrival draft, presentment, 84-4-502

Warranties, 84-4-208

Drawee, defined, 84-4-104

Electronic funds transfers. Funds Transfers, generally, this index

Electronic presentment, 84-4-110

Warranties, 84-4-209

Emergencies, collection of items, delays, 84-4-109

Employment security fund, 44-712

Endorsements. Indorsements, post


Lien on goods for expenses following dishonor, 84-4-504

Reimbursement for expenses incurred following instructions after dishonor, 84-4-503

Failure of bank, loss of county deposits, 19-2636, 19-2637

Federal deposit insurance payments, subrogation, 9-1302

Federal reserve regulations, 84-4-103

Final payment, 84-4-215

Foreign currency, charge-back or refund, 84-4-214

Forgery, 84-4-406

Funds Transfers, this index

Funeral contracts and plans, 16-301 et seq.


Acquisition of rights, 84-4-201

Depository bank, 84-4-205

Holder in due course, 84-4-211

Defined, 84-3-302

Depository bank, 84-4-205

Subrogation of bank, 84-4-407

Identity, transferor bank, 84-4-206

Incompetence, customer, rights of bank, 84-4-405


Payee bank, 84-4-201

Restrictive indorsements, 84-4-203

Settlement, 84-4-201

Unindorsed items, 84-4-205

Insolvency, 9-2010, 84-4-202

Collecting or payor bank, 84-4-216

Officers and directors, personal liability, 9-1915, 9-1916

Warranty of transferor, 84-4-207


Collecting bank, 84-4-203

Method of sending and presenting instruments, 84-4-204

Documentary drafts, presentment, 84-4-503

Instrument, defined, 84-3-104

Insurance, 9-1301 et seq.

Interest, 9-1101

Intermediary banks,

Conversion of commercial paper, 84-3-419

Defined, 84-4-105

Restrictive indorsements, transfer, 84-4-205

Investment securities, application, 84-4-102

Item, defined, 84-4-104, 84-4-110

Joint accounts, 9-1205

Late return of item, 84-4-302

Liens, handling goods, expenses, 84-4-504

Limitation of damages, agreement, 84-4-103

Lost or destroyed property, notice to transferor, 84-4-202

Methods, sending and presenting, 84-4-204

Midnight deadline,

Defined, 84-4-104

Late return of item, 84-4-302

Return of items, 84-4-301

Seasonable action, 84-4-202

Misconduct, 84-4-202

Mistake, 84-4-202

Wrongful dishonor, 84-4-402

Municipalities, 9-1401 et seq.

Neglect, liability, 84-4-202

Negligence, other banks, 84-4-202

Nonaction, liability, 84-4-102

Nonpayment, collecting bank, 84-4-202

Notice, holding for acceptance or payment, 84-4-212

Notice of dishonor, 84-4-301

Collecting bank, 84-4-202

Defined, 84-3-503

Documentary draft, 84-4-501, 84-4-503

On-arrival drafts, presentment, 84-4-502

Order, defined, 84-3-103

Orders, stop payment, 84-4-303, 84-4-403

Branch banks, 84-4-107

Ordinary care, defined, 84-3-103

Overdraft, charging against account, 84-4-401

Payable at, defined, 84-4-106

Payable through, defined, 84-4-106


Charging against accounts, 84-4-401

Check, time limit for presenting, 84-4-404

Death of customer, 84-4-405

Final payment, 84-4-215

Incompetence of customer, 84-4-405

Nonaction, 84-4-102

Nonbank as payment place, 84-4-212

Nonpayment, collecting bank, 84-4-202

Notice of holding, 84-4-212

Revocation, 84-4-301

Suspended, 84-4-216

Payor bank,

Death of customer, 84-4-405

Defined, 84-4-105

Delay beyond time limits, 84-4-109

Final payment, 84-4-215

Incompetence of customer, 84-4-405

Insolvency, 84-4-216

Late return of item, 84-4-302

Notice, items subject to, 84-4-303

Payment suspended, 84-4-216

Revocation of payment, 84-4-301

Sending direct to, 84-4-204

Stop payment orders, 84-4-303

Subrogation, 84-4-407

Time limits, 84-4-109

Person entitled to enforce, 84-3-301

Postdated items, 84-4-401

Preferences, 84-4-216

Preferred claims, 84-4-216

Prepaid bank card, defined, 50-6,108,

Presenting bank, 84-4-105

Presenting items, methods, 84-4-204


Collecting bank, 84-4-202

Defined, 84-3-504

Direct to payor bank, 84-4-204

Documentary drafts, 84-4-501 et seq.

Electronic, 84-4-110

Nonaction, 84-4-102

Notice, electronic, 84-4-110

Time limit, check, 84-4-404

Warranties, 84-4-208

Presumptions, agency status of collecting bank, 84-4-201

Priorities, security interest, 84-4-210

Privilege tax deductions, 79-1109


Adverse claim, 9-1207

Items subject to, time, 84-4-303

Promise, defined, 84-3-103

Prosecution, wrongful dishonor, damages, 84-4-402

Protest, collecting bank, 84-4-202

Prove, defined, 84-3-103

Provisional settlement,

Charge-back or refund, 84-4-214

Final payment, 84-4-215

Payments suspended, 84-4-216

Public money. Deposits and Depositories, this index

Quasi-municipalities, 9-1401 et seq.

Receiving deposits after authority revoked, 9-2006

Refunds, 84-4-214

Restrictive indorsement, 84-4-203

Revocation of payments, 84-4-301

Safe Deposit Boxes, generally, this index

Secured transactions, 84-9-104

Security interest, collecting bank, 84-4-210

Sending item, method, 84-4-204

Setoff, 84-4-201

Obligations or claims against depositors, 9-1206

Payor bank, 84-4-303

Settle, defined, 84-4-104

Settlement, agency, 84-4-201

Settlement of item, 84-4-213

Provisional settlement, 84-4-214

Signatures, unauthorized signature, duty of customer, 84-4-406

Soldiers' home, members' funds, 76-1935

Standard of care, 84-4-103

State Depositories, generally, this index

State fair, appropriations and fee fund, 2-205

State institutions, persons under custody, trust funds, 76-172 et seq.

State moneys. State Depositories, generally, this index

Statute of limitations, 84-4-111

Forgery, 84-4-406

Stop payment orders, 84-4-303, 84-4-403

Branch banks, 84-4-107


Insurance payments, 9-1302

Payor bank, 84-4-407

Suspends payments, defined, 84-4-104

Suspension, payments, collecting or payor bank, 84-4-216

Teller's check,

Defined, 84-3-104

Settlement of item, 84-4-213

Time, 84-4-108

Breach of warranty claim, 84-4-207, 84-4-208

Delay, 84-4-109

Dishonor, 84-4-301

Modification, 84-4-109

Presentment, 84-4-404

Receipt of items, 84-4-108

Seasonable action for collection, 84-4-202

Settlement of item, 84-4-213

Stop payment orders, 84-4-403

Township funds, 80-404

Transfer between banks, 84-4-206

Trust funds, state institutions, persons under custody, 76-172 et seq.

Unauthorized signature,

Defined, 84-3-403

Duty of customer, 84-4-406

Unindorsed items, 84-4-205

United States moneys, 9-1405 et seq.

Unlawfully receiving, 9-2006

Value, determination of status as holder in due course, 84-4-211

Variation, agreement, 84-4-103

Veterans' curators,

Accounting by curator, 73-509

Certificates of deposit, investment, 73-512


Collecting bank, 84-4-207

Documents of title, 84-7-508

Customer, 84-4-207

Depository bank, 84-4-205, 84-4-209

Disclaimer, 84-4-207

Drafts, 84-4-208

Drawer, prior transferor, 84-4-208

Electronic presentment, 84-4-209

Encoded information, 84-4-209

Presentment, 84-4-208

Transfer, 84-4-207

Withdrawal, 84-4-215

Credits, 84-4-215

Wrongful dishonor, damages, 84-4-402


Commercial Code, supplementary, 84-1-103

Credit reporting, obsolete information, 50-704

Credit unions, 17-2230

Discharge, affirmative defense, pleadings, 60-208

Employment Security Law, contributions, 44-717


Purpose of enforcing, 60-731

Wage, exception to restrictions, 60-2310

Income tax credit,

Individual debtor, exemption, 60-2315

Insolvency, generally, this index

Public employees, discharge for declaring, unlawful, 75-4316

Recording, 58-2901


Creditor as including, 84-1-201

Securities law, exemptions, 17-12a202

Warehouse receipts, 34-296


Generally, 9-701 et seq.

Accounts and accounting,

Bank service corporations functions, 9-1123 et seq.

Decedent's accounts,

Payment on death, 9-1215

Payment to successors, 59-1507b

First-time home buyer savings acount act, 58-4901 et seq.

Acknowledgment, articles of incorporation, 9-801

Actions and proceedings,

Adverse claims to deposits, 9-1207

Bank service companies, 9-1125

Deposits or debts while insolvent, 9-1916

Officer prohibited from participation, 9-1805

Officer removed from office, 9-1805

Activities, 9-1127g

Administrator or executor, bank as, 9-1601, 9-1611

Affiliated organizations, examination, 9-1702

African development bank, insurance companies, investments, 40-2a17, 40-2b17

Agent, bank as, 9-1101, 9-1601, 9-1611

Agricultural credit corporations, 9-1101

Agricultural production loan deposit program, 75-4268 et seq.

Appeals to banking board, 9-1714


Closed banks, pledge or sale to federal insurance corporations, 9-1304

Oil and gas leaseholds, 9-1102

Pledge, security for public moneys, reporting, 9-1405

Real estate, holding, 9-1102

Real estate acquired in collecting, 9-1101

Sale, 9-1906

Valuation, place of business, 9-1102

Assignments, bank as assignee, 9-1601, 9-1611

Attachment, bank in hands of state bank commissioner, 9-1910

Auditor, examination of records, funds and securities, 9-1116

Audits, bond securing deposits, 9-1301

Authorized transactions, 9-1204 et seq.

State banks, same as national banks, 9-1715

Bank commissioner. Commissioner, post

Bank holding companies. See, Holding companies, post

Bank service companies,

Actions against, 9-1125

Definitions, 9-1123

Examinations, 9-1127d

Functions, 9-1123 et seq.

Investment in, 9-1127c

Investments, 9-1124


Allowed, 9-1127a, 9-1127b

Availability to applying bank, 9-1125

Bankers' bank, 9-816, 9-1101

Banking division, deputy commissioner, appointment, duties, qualifications, 75-3135

Banking without authority, 9-811, 9-2011, 9-2016

Bills of exchange, 9-1101

Board, 74-3004 et seq.

Appeal from appointment of special deputy commissioner, 9-1714

Appointment, 74-3004

Approval of issuance of capital notes or debentures, 9-1101a

Approval of regulations of commissioner, 9-1713

Capital, requiring more than minimum, 9-901a

Compensation and expenses, 74-3005

Hearings, special deputy commissioner, 9-1714

Powers, duties, functions of savings and loan board, 74-3007, 74-3008

Qualifications, 74-3004

Secretary, 74-3005

Terms, 74-3004

Vacancies, 74-3004

Board of directors. Directors, post


Depository of proceeds, natural gas acquisition systems, 12-881

Waiver of, probate proceedings, 59-1104

Bonds (officers and fiduciaries), 9-802

Depositories of public moneys, 9-1402, 9-1403, 9-1405, 9-1406, 9-1407

Books and papers, tax investigations, 79-1424

Borrower, defined, 9-1104

Borrowing by bank, temporary, 9-1107

Branch bank, 9-1111

Defined, 84-1-201

Eligible bank, 9-1111

Foreign bank prohibited, 9-540

Joint branch banks, 9-1111b

Prohibited at location,

Commercial activities, 9-1140

Definitions, 9-1140

Trust branch bank, 9-1111

Bribery or corruption, commissioner or deputy, 9-2005

Bullion, buying and selling, 9-1101

Business hours, closing one day a week, 9-1122

Business Trusts, generally, this index


Amount required, 9-901a

Reduction, 9-901a

Defined, 9-1104

Capital notes and debentures, issuance, 9-1101a

Cashiers, permanent care fund, investment, 17-1319

Cease and desist orders, proceedings, 9-1807

Certificate of authority, 9-804, 9-806, 74-139

Application for investigation and examination, 9-801 et seq.

Approval, 9-804

Conversion to state bank or state trust company, 9-808

Forfeitures, 9-1709

Operation without, 9-801, 9-2011, 9-2016

Revocation, 9-1301

Specifying place of business, 9-1111

Transacting business without, 9-2016

Voluntary liquidation, surrender, 9-1919

Certificate of existence, 9-550

Certificates of deposit, insurance companies, 40-2a10, 40-2b16

Certified checks, drafts or orders, 9-1119

Excess of deposited amount, 9-2008

Certified public accountant, examination of records, funds and securities, 9-1116

Checks, generally, this index

Children and minors, deposits, 9-1204

Civil penalties, 9-1809

Closed or failed banks,

Drafts, payment, 9-1213, 9-1214

Transactions with federal insurance corporations, 9-1304


During emergency, 9-1725 et seq.

One business day a week, 9-1122

Collections. Bank Deposits and Collections, generally, this index

Commencement of business, time, 9-806

Commercial Paper, generally, this index

Commissioner, 75-1304

Acquisition of control of bank, 9-1719 et seq.

Approval or disapproval, reasons, 9-1721

Prior notice, 9-1720

Definitions, 9-1719

Unlawful without approval of commissioner, 9-1720

Appointment, 75-1304

Assistant, oath, 75-1305

Cease and desist orders, 9-1807

Civil penalties, 9-1809

Compensation and salaries, 75-3135

Consumer credit commissioner, office abolished, duties transferred, 75-1314 et seq.

Credit services organization act,

Administration of, 50-1128

Powers and duties, 50-1118, 50-1128

Deputy commissioners, 75-1315, 75-3135

Development credit corporations, 17-2335

Emergency closing of banks, 9-1725

Employees, special assistants, 75-1319, 75-3135

Examiners, oath, 75-1305

Expenditures, 75-1308

Expenses, record, 75-1308

Fees, 9-1726

Disposition, 9-1703, 75-1308

Record, 75-1308


Fees, 75-1308

Savings and loan department, 75-1313

Kansas financial institutions information security act, 9-551 et seq.

Definitions, 9-552

Requirements, 9-553

Powers and duties, 9-554

Merger, consolidation or transfer, procedure, 9-1724

Money, business of transmitting, powers and duties, 9-509

Neglect of duty, 9-2005

Oath of office, 75-1305

Office space, 75-1306

Powers, 9-1716

Consent orders, 9-1811

Emergency closures, 9-1725

Fair credit, reporting act, enforcement, 50-721

Informal agreements, 9-1810

Savings and loan associations, 75-1309 et seq.

State banks, authorization of activities, 9-1715

Succession, consumer credit commissioner powers, transfers, 75-1314 et seq.

Qualifications, 75-1304


Expenses, 75-1308

Fees, 75-1308

Regulation of savings and loan associations, 75-1311

Rules and regulations, 9-1713, 75-1315

Bank service corporations, 9-1127d

Securities guaranteed by United States, 9-1128

Savings and Loan Associations, generally, this index

Special deputy, duties, salary, expenses, 9-1714

Special orders, requirements, 9-1715

Stock transfers, reports, 9-903

Temporary orders, 9-1807

Transfer, savings and loan department, powers, duties and functions, 75-1309 et seq.

Transfer of powers and duties to corporation commission, 74-601b

Common trust funds. Trust authority, post

Compensation and salaries, 9-1114

Compliance review committees, 9-1137

Compliance review documents, 9-1137

Confidentiality of records, 9-1130

Conservator, bank as, 9-1601, 9-1611

Consumer and mortgage lending, deputy commissioner, 75-1315, 75-3135

Consumer Credit Code, this index

Conversion of state bank or state trust company, 9-808, 9-809

Cooperative marketing associations, 17-1604

Treasurer, 17-1612


Application of code, 17-6001

Banking power denied, 17-6106

Dealing in securities, 17-6106

County deposits, loss by bank failure, 19-2635 et seq.

County or district attorney,

Violations of act, duty to inform, 9-2014

Credit agreements, 16-117, 16-118, 16-119

Credit card banks, allowed, 9-811

Credit Unions, generally, this index

Agreements with, 17-2204

Crimes, punishments and penalties, 9-2001 et seq.

Civil penalties, 9-1809

Notice to county or district attorney, 9-2014

Preferences and priorities, 9-1112

Custodian for fiduciary, deposit of securities guaranteed by United States, 9-1128

Dealings with companies having control of bank or trust company, 9-1611

Definitions, 9-701 et seq., 84-1-201, 9-1127h

Banking organization, unclaimed property, 58-3934

Company having control over bank or trust company, 9-1612

Insolvent banks, 9-1902

State moneys law, 75-4201

Defunct institutions, disposition of undistributed funds, 9-1917

Delinquent stockholders, 9-907

Deposits. Bank Deposits and Collections, generally, this index; Deposits and Depositories, generally, this index; Safe Deposit Boxes, generally, this index; State Depositories, generally, this index

Deposits, public funds, 9-1401 et seq., 75-4201 et seq.

Deputy commissioners, 75-1315, 75-3135

Destruction of records, 9-1130

Development credit corporations, 17-2328 et seq.

Directors, 9-1114 et seq.

Criminals prohibited, 9-1717

Loans to officers or employees, approval, 9-1104

Meetings of board, 9-1116

Nonperformance of duty, 9-2001

Oath of office, 9-1114

Personal liability,

Actions, 9-1133

Exceptions, 9-1132

Severability, 9-1134

Prohibited from participation, 9-1805

Qualifications, 9-1114

Removal, 9-1805

Dissolution, 9-801, 9-1301

District court procedure, 9-1901

Dividend payments, priorities, 9-909

Dividends. Stock and stockholders, post

Documents of title, delivery, 84-2-308

Drafts, generally, this index

Election, officers, 9-802

Election contributions, campaign finance act, 25-1709, 25-1710

Electronic funds transfer systems, 9-1111

Embezzlement, 9-2012


Closing, 9-1725

Defined, 9-1122

Employees. Officers and employees, post

Escheat of property of liquidated institution, 9-1918

Escrow agent, bank acting as, 9-1101

Examinations, 9-1116, 9-1701, 9-1702, 9-1703, 9-1708

Application for incorporation or certificate of authority, 9-801

Certificate of authority, prerequisite to issuance, 9-804

Commissioner's examination records, confidential information, 9-1712

Federal deposit insurance corporation or federal reserve bank, 9-1301

Obstruction of, 9-2019

Refusal by bank, 9-1708

Unclaimed property act violations, 9-1712

Exchange of examinations and reports, 9-1712

Information sharing and exchange program, 9-1712

Executors and administrators, bank or officers, 9-1601

Expenses of investigations, 9-815

Additional payments, disposition and use, 9-815

Change of bank location, 9-815

Export Finance Act, Kansas, generally, this index

Failure of bank, loss of county deposits, 19-2636, 19-2637

Federal deposit insurance corporation, 9-1301 et seq.

Receiver, 9-1907 et seq.

Security exemption, public deposits, 9-1407

Veterans, curators for, investments, 73-512

Federal housing administrator,

Insured bonds, notes or obligations, 9-1101

Insured mortgage loans, 9-1402

Federal reserve banks and system,

Bank deposits and collections, 84-4-103

Examinations, deposit insurance, 9-1701

Membership in system, 9-1101

Public moneys, deposit of security, 9-1405

Federally recognized Indian tribes, 9-1141

Fee agency accounts, state moneys, 75-4214


Annual assessment, 9-1703

Unlawfully receiving, 9-2013


Acting as, 59-1701, 59-1702

Deposit of securities guaranteed by United States, 9-1128

Rules and regulations, application, 9-1128

Examination, 9-1702

Trust authority, 9-1601, 9-1611

Financial future contracts, 9-1101

Financial statements, 9-1704 et seq.

Fines and penalties. Crimes, punishments and penalties, ante

Fiscal agent, municipal, 10-606

Foreign banks, limitations, 9-540


Bank officers, office, 9-1115

Certificates of authority, 9-1709

Office, director or officer, 9-1805


False reports, statements and book entries, 9-2002

Intent to defraud bank, 9-2012


Bank commissioner fee fund, 9-1703, 75-1308

Defunct institutions, disposition, 9-1917

Funds Transfers, this index

Gifts, unlawful receipt, 9-2013

Guaranteed loans, 17-5001


Cease and desist orders, 9-1807

Dividends, orders of commissioner, 9-1716

Special deputy commissioner, 9-1714

Historic structure tax credit, 9-1101

Holding companies, 9-519 et seq.

Definitions, 9-519

Examination, 9-1702

Interstate banking, 9-532 et seq.

Application, 9-533

Approval of application, 9-534, 9-535

Change of control, 9-536

Review of operations, 9-537

Out-of-state holding companies, age limitation, 9-541

Ownership limitations, 9-520

Holidays, 9-1122

Bank transactions, 52-717

Closing, 9-1122

Hours of business, closing one day a week, 9-1122

Impairment, capital, 9-909

Restoration, 9-906

Incorporation, 9-801 et seq.

Insolvency, 9-1902 et seq.

Definitions, 9-1902

Receivers, offenses, 9-2007

Receiving deposits while insolvent, 9-2010

Undercapitalized, when, 9-1902a

Inspection, stockholders' lists, 9-1114


Deposits, 9-1301

Federal deposit insurance, 9-1301, 9-1302, 9-1304, 9-1701

Insurance companies,

Bank as trustee, investments, 40-2a20, 40-2b20

Certificates of deposit, 40-2a10, 40-2b16


African development bank, 40-2a17, 40-2b17

Inter-American development bank, 40-2a17, 40-2b17

International bank for reconstruction and development, 40-2a17, 40-2b17

Trust company as trustee, investments, 40-2a20, 40-2b20

Interest, bank deposits, 9-1101

Investigation, application, incorporation or certificate of authority, 9-801 et seq.

Investment companies,

Affiliated organizations, examination, 9-1702

Investments, 9-1101

Bank service corporations, ante

College and university bond issues, 76-6a23

Express highway and freeway bonds, 68-2310

Insurance companies, ante

Insurance required, 9-1102

Insured bonds, notes or obligations, 9-1101

Insured mortgage loans, 9-1101

Kansas venture capital, 74-8203

Expiration, certain provisions, 74-8211

Limitation, 9-1102

Metropolitan transit authority, 12-2809, 12-2810

Municipal housing authority bonds, 17-2336

National mortgage association obligations, 9-1101

Oil and gas leaseholds, 9-1102

Real estate, 9-1102

State moneys, repurchase agreements, 75-4209

Turnpike bonds, 68-2014

Unlawful transactions, 9-1112

Urban renewal bonds, 17-4752

Joint accounts, 9-1205

Judicial sales, purchase of real estate, 9-1102

Kansas agricultural production loan deposit program, 75-4268 et seq.

Kansas Development Finance Authority Act, generally, this index

Kansas housing loan deposit program, 75-4276 et seq.

Kansas venture capital,

Expiration, certain provisions, 74-8211

Letters of Credit, generally, this index

Licenses and permits to exercise trust authority, 9-1601, 9-1611, 74-139

Life insurance, 9-1101

Liquidations, mergers and consolidations,

Closed or failed banks, transactions with federal insurance corporations, 9-1304

Dividend payment, priorities, 9-909

Sale of assets, 9-1921

Trust authority, 9-1604

Undelivered funds, dispositions, 9-1917

Voluntary liquidation, 9-1919

Borrowing during proceedings, 9-1920

Loan, defined, 9-1104

Loans, 9-1101

Agricultural production loan deposit program, 75-4268 et seq.

Compliance review committees, 9-1137

Guaranteed loans, 17-5001

Lending limitations, calculation of, 9-1104

Limitations, 9-1104

Transportation network company services act, 8-2719

Unlawful transactions, 9-1112

Mentally ill persons, customer, authority of bank, 84-4-405

Merger, consolidation or transfer, procedure, 9-1724

Minbanc corporations, 9-1101

Money transmitter act,

Business locations, 9-510

Change in executive officers or directors, 9-513e

Commissioner, powers and duties, 9-509

Confidential information, 9-513c

Definitions, 9-508

Exceptions, 9-511

Informal agreements, 9-512

Investments, 9-513b

License, 9-509, 9-513a

Applications, commissioner, power to determine completeness, 9-509

Commissioner, powers, 9-513a

Fingerprinting, 9-509

Revocation, 9-513a

Licensee requirements, 9-510

Violations of act, penalties, 9-512

Mortgages, transfer fees, maximum, 58-2335

Municipal bonds, dealing in, fiscal agent, 10-501, 10-503

Mutual banks, 9-817

Names, 9-801

Change of bank name, 9-812


Articles of incorporation, 9-801, 9-804

Availability for inspection, 9-1114

Trust company, 9-1601

National banking associations. Taxation, post

Negotiable Instruments, generally, this index

New activities, prior approval, 9-1127f


Closing one day a week, 9-1122

Special deputy bank commissioner, appeal, 9-1714

Oaths and affirmations,

Bank examiners, powers, 9-1701

Directors and officers, 9-1114

Stockholders' list, submission to commissioner, 9-1114

Office building, place of business, 9-1102

Officers and employees,

Bonds, 9-802, 9-1115

Commissioner, ante

Criminals prohibited, 9-1717

Elections, 9-802, 9-1115

Embezzlement, 9-2012

Emergency closing, 9-1725

Liability, 9-1725

Forfeiture of office, 9-1115

Nonperformance of duty, 9-2001

Oath of office, officers, 9-1114

Perjury, 9-2004

Personal liability,

Actions, 9-1133

Deposits or debts while insolvent, 9-1915, 9-1916

Exceptions, 9-1132

Severability, 9-1134

Prohibited from participation, 9-1805

Removal, 9-1805

Unlawful transactions, 9-1112

Oil and gas leaseholds, 9-1102

Organization, 9-801 et seq.

Commencement of corporate existence, filing date, 9-802

Control of management, 9-904

Conversion of bank or state trust company, 9-808, 9-809

Lapse and renewal, 9-803

Subscription by stockholders, 9-801

Organization and operation, Kan. Const. Art. 13, §§ 1, 2

Par value of stock, 9-902

Pawnbroker regulation, 16-706 et seq.

Payable on death accounts, 9-1215


Federal deposit insurance, subrogation, 9-1302

Private insurer, subrogation, 9-1302

Performance bond insuring deposits, 9-1301

Perjury, officers and employees, 9-2004

Personal liability, officers and employees, 9-1104

Personal property,

Leases, authority to, definitions, 9-1136

Taxation, 79-304

Place of business, 9-1111

Change of location, 9-814

Pledge of assets, preferences and priorities, 9-1112

Powers and duties, 9-1101, 9-1136

Commissioner, 9-1716

State bank, same as national bank, 9-1715

Preferred stock,

Approval, 9-908

Rights and immunities of holders, 9-909

Priorities, dividends on stock, 9-909

Public moneys,

Definitions, 9-1408

Deposit, 9-1401 et seq., 75-4201 et seq.

Deposits and Depositories, generally, this index


Liability for losses, 9-1406

Reduced security, 9-1403

Security for insured public deposits, 9-1407

Out-of-state governmental units, 9-1409

State Depositories, generally, this index

Real estate, holding, 9-1102

Receipts, custody receipts, deposit of public moneys, 9-1405

Receivers and receivership, 9-1709, 9-1908

Appointment, 9-1301

Bank as, 9-1601, 9-1611

Claims, 9-1909

Closed or failed banks, transactions with federal insurance corporations, 9-1304

Distribution of assets, 9-1906

Insolvent banks, 9-1903 et seq.

Assets, 9-1611

Borrow moneys, 9-1911

Examinations, 9-1903

Reports, 9-1130

Offenses, bank in hands of receiver, 9-2007

Refusal to be examined, 9-1708


Banking board, 74-3005, 74-3006

Commissioner's examination records, confidential information, 9-1712

Confidentiality, 9-1130

Compliance review documents, 9-1137

Destruction, 9-1130

Fiduciary transactions, 9-1603

Ownership of securities guaranteed by United States, 9-1128

Photographic reproduction, 9-1130

Retention, 9-1130

Rules and regulations, 9-1130

Remote service units, 9-1111

Reorganization, insolvent bank, 9-1903

Escheat of property held by commissioner, 9-1918

Reports, 9-1704 et seq., 17-7512

Assets pledged or deposited as security for public moneys, 9-1405

Business entity information report, 17-7512

Examinations by federal deposit insurance corporation or federal reserve bank, 9-1701

Information sharing and exchange program, 9-1712

Special, 9-1708

Reproduction of records and papers, 9-1121

Repurchase agreements, investments in, 75-4209

Pooled money investment board, 9-1131


Authority to do business, 9-1301, 9-1709

Certificate of authority,

Receiving deposits after, 9-2006

Refusal to be examined, 9-1709

Risk capital. Kansas statewide risk capital system, generally, 74-8201 et seq.

Rules and regulations, 9-1713

Fees, 9-509, 9-532, 9-1111b, 9-1722, 9-1724, 9-1726

Kansas money transmitter act, 9-513d

Loans, 16-207d

Records, 9-1130

Safe Deposit Boxes, generally, this index

Sale, assets, liquidation, merger or consolidation, 9-1906

Sales tax, banks claiming exemption ineligible for awards of accounts, 75-4223

Saturday afternoons, bank transactions, 52-717

Savings and Loan Associations, generally, this index

Savings and loan associations, 9-701

Savings and loan service corporation,

Investments, 9-1127e

Savings bank, 9-701

School savings deposit program, 9-1101, 9-1138

Definitions, 9-1138

Securities, 9-1101

Deposit of public moneys, 9-1402

Securities Law, exemptions, 17-12a201, 17-12a202


Loans, 9-1104

Time deposits, 75-4218a

Seed Capital, Local Pools, generally, this index

Service corporations. Bank service corporations, ante

Servicing of state warrants, drafts and checks, 75-4202

Setoff, obligations or claims against depositors, 9-1206

Signatures, articles of incorporation, 9-801

Special deputy bank commissioner,

Appointment, 9-1714

Appeals to board, 9-1714

Special permit, exercise of trust authority, 9-1601, 9-1611

State banking board. Board, ante

State banking code,

Citation of act, 9-542

Interpretation and enforcement, 9-513

State banks, authority equal to national banks, 9-1715

State Depositories, generally, this index

Stock and stockholders,

Amount subscribed, certificate of authority, 9-804

Bank service corporations, investment in, 9-1123 et seq.

Certification, stock transfers, 9-903

Conversion to state bank or state trust company, 9-808

Delinquent stockholders, sale or forfeiture of stock, 9-907

Dissolution or liquidation, dividend payments, 9-909

Dividends, 9-903

Declaration, 9-911

Hearings, 9-1716

Orders of commissioner, 9-1716

Payment, undivided profits, 9-910

Preferred stock, 9-909

Stock dividends, 9-912

Impairment of capital, 9-909

Restoration, assessment levy, 9-906

Increase, capital stock, 9-905

Lists of stockholders,

Articles of incorporation, 9-801

Availability for inspection, 9-1114

Meetings, 9-1114

Notice, preferred stock issuance, 9-908

Par value of stock, 9-902

Payment, stock subscriptions, 9-802

Preferred stock, 9-908

Rights and immunities of holders, 9-909

Priorities, dividends on preferred stock, 9-909


Capital stock, 9-904

Common stock, 9-908

Retirement, preferred stock, 9-908, 9-909

Stock dividends, 9-912

Stock transfers, report to commissioner, 9-903

Subscription to capital stock, 9-801

Transfer of stock, 9-903

Stock reduction certificate, filing, 9-904

Student banks, 9-701


Federal deposit insurance, 9-1302

Private insurer, 9-1302

Supervision, 9-1701, 9-1703

Board, 9-801 et seq.

Commissioner, 9-1702 et seq.

Surety bond insuring deposits, 9-1301


Examination for certificate of authority, 9-804

Subscription, 9-801

Surplus account, management, 9-912

Survivorship, joint accounts, 9-1205

Taxation, 79-1106 et seq.

Allocation and apportionment of income, 79-1128 et seq.

Definitions, 79-1128

Payroll factor defined, 79-1132

Procedures in determining, 79-1129

Property factor defined, 79-1131

Receipts factor defined, 79-1130

Application of tax, 79-1116

Average capital tax prohibited, 79-1105c

Books and papers, power to compel production, 79-1424

Cessation of business, tax imposed, 79-1133

Combined reports required, 79-1135

Consolidated returns required, 79-1135

Credits against tax,

Eisenhower foundation contributions, 79-32,274

Friends of cedar crest contributions, 79-32,275

Historic structure rehabilitation expenditures, 79-32,211

Interest rate deduction for agricultural loans, 79-1126, 79-1126a

Job expansion and investment credit act, 79-32,153 et seq.

Kansas affordable housing tax credit act, 79-32,304 eq seq.

Kansas housing investor tax credit act, 79-32,310 et seq.

Kansas venture capital, 74-8205, 74-8207

Renovations making facilities accessible to handicapped, 79-1117

Restoration and preservation costs and expenses,

Commercial structures at least 50 years old, 79-32,211c

Deductions, 79-1109

Estimated tax, 79-1127

Exemption, 79-1113

Tax Exemptions, this index

Net income, defined, 79-1109

Rate imposed, 79-1107

Recapture tax on refunds, 79-1120 et seq.

Refunds, 79-1112

Rules and regulations, privilege tax, 79-1111

Temporary borrowing, 9-1107

Term of office, officers, 9-1115

Territory to be served,

Expenses, payment, 9-801

Time deposit, security of, 75-4218a

Time deposit open accounts. State Depositories, this index

Trade name, violations, 81-301

Trust branch bank, 9-1111

Trust facility, establishment by out-of-state bank prohibited, exceptions, 9-2111

Trusts and trustees,

Authority, 9-1601 et seq., 59-1701, 59-1702, 74-139

Application for, 9-1602

Revocation, 9-1602

Collective investment funds, 9-1609

Companies. Trust Companies, generally, this index

Corporate name, 9-1601


Examinations, 9-1703

Reports, 9-1704

Liquidations, mergers and consolidations, 9-1604

Merger or consolidations, 9-1611

Nominees holding investments, 9-1607


Fiduciary transactions, 9-1603

Investments held by nominees, 9-1607


Abuse, 39-1431

Request for information, 9-1704

Rules and regulations, 9-1609

Segregation, assets held in fiduciary capacity, 9-1603

Turnpike bonds, investments, 68-2014

Unclaimed property, 58-3934 et seq.

Undercapitalized, 9-1902a, 9-1905

Distribution of assets, 9-1906

Federal deposit insurance corporation, 9-1907

When, 9-1902a

Undistributed assets of defunct institutions fund, 9-1917

Undivided profits,

Current dividends, payment from, 9-910

Examination for certificate of authority, 9-804

Subscription prerequisite to operation, 9-801

Unlawful transactions. Crimes and punishments, ante

Unsound practices, cease and desist orders, proceedings, 9-1807

Validation, acts done under lapsed articles of incorporation, 9-803

Valuation, real estate holdings, 9-1102

Vaults, access, 9-1122

Venture capital. Kansas venture capital company act, generally, 74-8301 et seq.

Verification, list of stockholders, 9-1114

Voluntary liquidation, 9-1919, 9-1920


Religious Organizations and Societies, generally, this index


Boundaries, 18-104

Natural bridge, historical property, 76-2018 et seq.


Generally, 65-1808 et seq.

Access to property, investigations, 65-1827

Advertising, false or deceptive, 65-1820a

Alcoholism, 65-1820a

Board, 74-1805a, 74-1806

Administrative officer, 74-1805a, 74-1806

Appointment, 74-1805a

Compensation and expenses, 65-1832, 74-1806

Employees, 74-1806

Investigations, 65-1826

Meetings, 74-1806

Oaths, 74-1805a

Offices, 74-1806

Official designation, 74-1805b

Powers, 65-1824

Qualifications, 74-1805a

Rules and regulations, 65-1819, 65-1825a, 65-1826

Terms of office, 74-1805a

Travel expenses, 74-1806

Treasurer, 74-1805a

Vacancies, 74-1805a

Child support proceedings, licensing sanctions,

Definitions, 74-146

Notice of contempt, 74-147

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

Civil service,

Administrative officer, 74-1805a

Employees of board, 74-1806

Colleges. Schools or colleges, post

Contracts, 74-1806

Crimes, punishments and penalties, 65-1810, 65-1822, 65-1828

Definitions, 65-1809

Discrimination in schools or colleges, 65-1810

Disease, 65-1820a

Dishonorable conduct, 65-1820a

Drug addicts, 65-1820a

Employees, administration and enforcement of law, 74-1806

Ethnic groups, barbering practices for, 65-1810

Examination, 65-1808 et seq., 65-1815

Fee, reciprocity, 65-1813

Exemptions, 65-1816

False advertising, 65-1820a


Disposition, 65-1817a

Renewal of license, 65-1819

Schedule of, 65-1817

Student learning license, 65-1810

Teachers, 65-1810

Fraud, 65-1820a, 65-1822

Fund, board of barbering fee fund, 65-1817a

Incompetency, 65-1820a

Injunctions, 65-1828

Inspections, 74-1806, 74-1807

Instruction, practices for major ethnic groups, 65-1810

Instructors, 65-1810

Investigations, 65-1824, 65-1826

Labor disputes, 65-1824

Licenses and permits, 65-1808 et seq., 74-139

Barber shops, 65-1835

Denial, 65-1820a

Display, 65-1818, 65-1820a

Dual licensed, 65-1907, 74-1806

Duplicates, 65-1817

Education, 65-1812

Examinations, 65-1812, 65-1815

Fees, schedule of, 65-1817

Qualifications, 65-1812

Reciprocity, 65-1813

Renewal, 65-1819

School or college, 65-1810

Seminar permit, 65-1815

Student learning license, 65-1810

Suspension or revocation, 65-1820a

Temporary license, 65-1812

Malpractice, 65-1820a

Moral turpitude, 65-1820a

Postgraduate course, 65-1810

Public policy, 65-1833


Board, 74-1806

Confidential, 65-1831

Inspection, 65-1827

Register, 74-1806

Reinstatement, 65-1821

Rules and regulations, 65-1820a, 74-1806

Posting, 65-1825a

Sanitation, 65-173, 65-1,148

Sanitary standards and supervision, 65-172, 65-173, 65-1,148, 65-1820a, 65-1825a, 65-1828

Schools or colleges,

Approved, 65-1810

Licenses and permits, 65-1810, 74-139

Fees, 65-1817

Sanitary standards and regulations, 65-172, 65-173, 65-1,148, 65-1828

Unlawful acts, 65-1810

Seminar permits, 65-1815

Fees, 65-1817

Shops, licenses, 65-1835

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

Tests, 65-1815

Trade names, 65-1820a

Unprofessional conduct, 65-1820a


Drugs and Medicines, generally, this index


Name changed to Barber county, 18-104a


Highways, repairs or improvements, 68-2101 et seq.

Streets, repairs or improvements, 68-2101 et seq.


Boundaries, 18-105

County buildings, financing of, sales tax, 12-187 et seq.

Roadway and bridge construction, infrastructure development,

Financing of, sales tax, 12-187, 12-189

Township fire departments, 80-1919 et seq.


Illegitimate Children, generally, this index


Sanitary supervision, 65-172, 65-173


Abuse, this index

Physical or mental abuse. Children and Minors, this index


Crimes and Punishments, this index


Sale and distribution of seeds, 2-1415 et seq.


Investment Securities, this index


Generally, 65-1901 et seq.

Cosmetologists, generally, this index


Intoxicating Liquors, this index


State insect, honeybee, 73-1601


See, also, Marriage and Family Therapists, generally, this index; Psychologists, generally, this index; Social Workers, generally, this index; Counselors, generally, this index

Applied behavioral analysts licensure act, 65-7501 et seq.

Licensure, 65-7503

Revocation or suspension, 65-7504

Rules and regulations, 65-7505

Board, regulatory, 74-7501

Confidentiality of information, 74-7508

Employees, 74-7503, 74-7507

Executive secretary, 74-7503, 74-7507

Expedited application process, 74-7512

Investigations, 74-7508

Malpractice, reporting of, 74-7510

Powers, duties, functions, 74-5310a, 74-7502, 74-7507, 74-7508

Rules and regulations, 65-5804a, 65-5809, 65-6306, 65-6314, 65-6610, 74-5310, 74-5363, 74-7502, 74-7507, 74-7512

Child support proceedings, licensing sanctions,

Definitions, 74-146

Notice of contempt, 74-147

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

Continuing education, 74-7507

Counselors, generally, this index

Educational institutions, 74-5363

Fee funds, 74-7506

Behavioral sciences regulatory board, transfers to, 74-7505

Established, 74-7506

Psychologists, abolished, 74-7505

Social work examiners, abolished, 74-7505


Expedited application process, 74-7512

Malpractice reporting, immunity from liability, 74-7510

Orders, district court, 74-7508

Professional associations, reports and investigations, 74-7510

Professional conduct, 74-7507

Property, records, transfer, 74-7503


Licenses, 74-139, 74-5301 et seq., 74-7501, 74-7507

Continuation, 74-7509

Duplicate, 74-5310a

List of persons, 74-7507

Masters level psychologists, regulation of, 74-5361 et seq.

State board of examiners, abolished, 74-7502

Social and rehabilitation services, secretary,

Powers, duties, functions, certain, transfer, 74-7502

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

Social workers,

Board of examiners, abolished, 74-7502

Insurance, reimbursement, 40-2,114

Licensed persons, list, 74-7507

Licensing. Social Workers, this index

Suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline act, 75-5964 et seq.

Temporary permits, 65-6309a, 65-6405a

Violations, 74-7507

Administrative penalty, 74-7507

Fees and costs, 74-7507

Witnesses, 74-7508


Fire Districts, generally, this index

Improvement Districts, generally, this index

Roads and Highways, this index

Streets and Alleys, this index

Water Districts, this index


See, also, Charities, generally, this index; Fraternal Associations or Societies, generally, this index

Corporations, 17-1701 et seq.

Insurance, beneficiaries, insurable interest, 40-450

Persons with physical disabilities, assistance, 39-1208

Subordinate organizations, 17-1703 et seq.

Title to property, 17-1703, 17-1704


Containers with detachable tabs, unlawful, 21-6320

Excise tax, municipalities, 12-142

Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 65-655 et seq.

Intoxicating Liquors, generally, this index

Merchantable warranty, 84-2-314

Nonalcoholic beer, 41-342 et seq.

Sales tax, 79-3603

Municipalities, 12-142


Discrimination, generally, this index


Inmates of correctional institutions, furnishing to, 75-5223

Oaths, administering, 54-102

Schools, reading in city schools, 72-9930


Traffic Rules and Regulations, this index


See, also, Contracts, generally, this index

Adult care homes, receivers, 39-959

Aging and disability, Kansas department for,

Products made by handicapped persons, 39-1209

Sale of property, 75-3315

Auctions and Auctioneers, generally, this index

Benefit districts, improvement of roads, 68-704

Bonding of state officers and employees, 75-4101 et seq.

Bridges and culverts, 10-205, 68-1113 et seq., 68-1402, 68-1407

Cities and municipalities,

Floodwaters, protection from, 12-638

Improvements, 12-6a05

Municipal improvement districts, 12-17,101a

Cities of first class,

Parkways and boulevards, improvements or repairs, 13-1017, 13-1331

Sewers and drains, 13-1055a

Cities of second class, hospitals, 14-646

Colleges and universities,

Art or book collections, sale of duplicates, 76-116e

Oil, gas or mineral leases, 76-165

Correction of mistakes, public improvement bids, 75-6901 et seq.


Construction contracts, 19-214 et seq.

Alternative project delivery building construction procurement act, 19-216b et seq.

Mineral leases, 19-111

Road work, 68-521

Social welfare building, 19-1597

Voting machines, storage and servicing facilities, 19-1597

Water supply and distribution contracts, 19-3516

County tax sale acquired property, 79-2804f


Counties between 75,000 and 110,000, 19-1572d

Counties of 110,000 or more, 19-1511

Counties over 50,000, 19-1586

Counties over 175,000, 19-1594

Drains and drainage, 24-212, 24-313, 24-426

Contracts between districts, 24-449

Swamps and overflowed lands, 24-610, 24-626

Townships, 24-212

Valley of natural watercourse, 24-525

Fort Hays military reservation, oil, gas or mineral leases, 76-515

Homes for the aged, 12-4907, 19-2108

Hospital districts,

Contracts, alternative project delivery building construction procurement act, 19-216b et seq.

Insurance, state agencies, purchase by, 75-4105

Irrigation districts, 42-372, 42-720


Counties between 75,000 and 110,000, 19-1572d

Counties over 50,000, 19-1586

Counties over 175,000, 19-1594

Kansas state university, sale of real estate in Morton county, 76-437b

Levees and flood control, 24-808

Lumber and timber products for highway purposes, 68-553 et seq.

Metropolitan transit authority, 12-2828, 12-2829

Mined-Land Conservation and Reclamation Act, 49-417

Mineral leases, state-owned lands, 76-112e

Mistakes in bids, public improvements, 75-6901 et seq.

Motion pictures, 51-201 et seq.

Municipal bonds, 10-106

Nonresident bidders, 75-3740a

Oil and gas leases, state-owned lands, 76-112e

Parks, Shawnee Mission park district, 19-2881

Port authorities, 12-3412

Preferential bidding, 75-3740a

Procurement negotiating committees, state agencies, 75-37,102

Membership, unemployment insurance modernization project vendor selection, 75-37,102a

Public improvements, mistakes in bids, 75-6901 et seq.

Purchasing division, state department of administration, 75-3739 et seq.

Receivers, adult care homes, 39-959

Reverse auctioning electronic procurement process, state agencies, 75-3739a

Roads and highways,

Benefit district improvements, 68-704

County road work, 68-520, 68-521

Electronic bidding, 68-408a

Lumber and timber products, highway purposes, 68-553 et seq.

Reverse auctioning, 68-408a

Sale, unneeded real estate, 68-423a

Township contracts, 68-532

Turnpikes, retail establishments, 68-2009

Schools and school districts, unified districts, 72-1151

Exceptions, 72-1151

Sewers and drains, 12-631, 13-1017, 13-1055a, 13-1057c


Repair and sodding, 13-1324

Townships, 68-132

State board of regents, 76-169

Alternative project delivery building construction procurement act, 75-37,141 et seq.

Contracts for research and development activities, state educational institutions, 76-770

Sale of oil, gas and mineral rights in Riley county, 76-455, 76-456

Sale of property in Pueblo county, Colorado, 76-454

State Contracts, this index

State flags and banners, purchase and sale, 75-419, 75-420

Storage tanks, corrective action, 65-34,118

Take-over bids. Securities, this index

Tax sales, 79-2306

Acquired property, 79-2804f

Turnpike authority,

Motor fuel filling stations, 68-2009

Retail establishments, 68-2009

Unified school district, 72-1151

Urban renewal, 17-4750

Owner of property preference, 17-4750

Water supply and distribution district contracts, Franklin, Johnson, Miami and Wyandotte counties, 19-3516


Crimes and Punishments, this index

Jurisdiction and venue. Criminal Procedure, this index


Commercial Paper, generally, this index

Money, business of transmitting, 9-508 et seq.


Advertising Control Act of 1972, 68-2231 et seq.


Commercial Paper, generally, this index

Negotiable Instruments, generally, this index


See, also, Documents of Title, generally, this index

Generally, 84-7-301 et seq.


Provisions, 84-7-309

Through bills, 84-7-302

Alterations, 84-7-306


Filling, 84-7-306

Unauthorized alteration or filling, 84-7-306

Bona fide purchaser, 84-7-501

Judicial process lien, 84-7-602

Breach of obligation, through bills, 84-7-302

Bulk freight, shipper's weight, 84-7-301

Care required, 84-7-309

Carriers, liability under through bill, 84-7-302

Change of instructions, 84-7-303

Charges, lien of carrier, 84-7-307

C.I.F., Sales Act, 84-2-320

Claims, provisions, 84-7-309

Consignee, delivery of goods, 84-7-303


Carrier's lien effective against, 84-7-307

Diversion instructions, 84-7-303

Conversion, 84-7-308

Bailee, 84-7-601

Carrier's liability, 84-7-309

Carrier's sale to enforce lien, 84-7-308

Limitation of liability, 84-7-309

Title and rights acquired by negotiation, 84-7-502


Description of goods, 84-7-301

Reliance, 84-7-203

Limitation, 84-7-309

Nonreceipt or misdescription, 84-7-203

Overissue, 84-7-402

Sale to enforce carrier's lien, 84-7-308

Sets, 84-7-304

Through bills, 84-7-302

Defined, Commercial Code, 84-1-201

Degree of care required, 84-7-309

Demurrage charges, lien of carrier, 84-7-307

Description of goods,

Damages, 84-7-301

Reliance, 84-7-203

Destination bills, 84-7-305

Discharge of obligation, through bills, delivery, 84-7-302

Diversion of goods, 84-7-303

Diversion of shipment, consignee's title, 84-7-504

Duplicates, 84-7-402

Enforcement of carrier's lien, 84-7-308

Expenses, lien of carrier, 84-7-307

F.A.S., Sales Act, 84-2-319

Good faith, sale to enforce carrier's lien, 84-7-308

Guaranty, accuracy of descriptions, marks, 84-7-301

Handling, improper handling, 84-7-301

Holder, diversion instructions, 84-7-303

Improper handling, 84-7-301


Rights of issuer, 84-7-301

Seller's stoppage of delivery, expenses of bailee, 84-7-504

Indorsement, 84-7-501


Change of shipping instructions, effect, 84-7-504

Delivery of goods, 84-7-303

Labels, description of goods, 84-7-301

Laws not repealed, 84-10-101

Lien of carrier, 84-7-308

Enforcement, 84-7-308

Sale to enforce lien, 84-7-308

Limitation of damages, 84-7-309

Loss, lien of carrier, 84-7-307

Marks, description of goods, 84-7-301

Misdating, 84-7-301

Misdescription of goods, damages, 84-7-203, 84-7-301

Motor fuel tax, 79-3415

Negligence, carrier, 84-7-309

Negotiability, 84-7-104

Nonreceipt of goods, damages, 84-7-203, 84-7-301

Notice, carrier's lien, enforcement, 84-7-308

Numbering, sets, 84-7-304

Overseas shipment, 84-2-323

Sets, 84-7-304

Packages of goods, issuer to count, 84-7-301

Preservation of goods, expense, lien of carrier, 84-7-307

Prima facie evidence, 84-1-307

Reconsignment, 84-7-303

Repeal, laws not repealed, 84-10-101

Reservation of interest,

Security interest, 84-2-401

Seller, 84-2-505

Sales, this index

Satisfaction, carrier's lien, 84-7-308

Sets, 84-7-304

Shipper's weight, bulk freight, 84-7-301

Standard of care, 84-7-309

Substitute bills, 84-7-305

Terminal charges, lien of carrier, 84-7-307

Through bills, 84-7-302

Transportation charges, lien of carrier, 84-7-307


Generally, 75-5171 et seq., Kan. Const. Art. 15, § 3a

Administrator of charitable gaming, appointment and duties, 75-5186

Crimes and Punishments, this index

Definitions, 75-5173


Charitable gaming refund fund, 75-5183

State charitable gaming regulation fund, 75-5182

Illegal operations, 21-6405

Injunctions, 75-5180

Instant bingo, conduct, 75-5179

Distribution of tickets, 75-5184

Exempt, taxes, 12-189d

Vending machine agreements, 75-5189

Kansas charitable gaming act, 75-5171 et seq.

Administration of act, 75-5181

Purpose, 75-5172

Violations of act, penalties, 75-5185

License to operate games, 74-139

Fees, 75-5175

Disposition, 75-5182

Restrictions on, 75-5175. 75-5179

Revocation or suspension of, 75-5180

Operation and management of games, 75-5179

Distribution of faces, cards, 75-5184

Instant bingo vending machine agreements, 75-5189

Progressive bingo, conduct, 75-5184

Registration certificate, distributor,

Application, 75-5184

Fees, 75-5184

Disposition, 75-5182

Revocation, suspension, 75-5180

Registration certificate, leased premises,

Application, 75-5175

Fees, 75-5175

Disposition, 75-5182

Revocation, suspension, 75-5180

Regulation, licensing and taxation of games,

Authorization, Kan. Const. Art. 15, § 3a

Powers, 75-5174

Rules and regulations, 75-5181


Auditing of records, 75-5178

City and county exemption, 12-189d

Disposition of moneys, 75-5182

Penalties and interest, 75-5177

Rates, 75-5176

Returns, 75-5177

Subpoenas. 75-5178

Violations of law, penalties, 75-5185


University of Kansas, 76-338, 76-339


Generally, 74-99b01, et seq.

Bioscience authority,

Actions requiring legislative approval, delegation of approval, 74-99b15

Bioscience research matching funds act, this index

Compensation, 74-99b04

Dissolution, 74-99b04

Established, 74-99b04

Executive committee, 74-99b05

Headquarters, 74-99b04

Interest in contract or transaction, disclosure required, 74-99b08

Meetings, 74-99b04, 74-99b07

Membership, 74-99b04

Powers and duties, 74-99b04, 74-99b09, 74-99b11

Records, 74-99b06

Review by secretary of commerce, 74-99b09

Statement of substantial interest required, 74-99b08

Terms, 74-99b04

Umbilical cord use, 65-1,249

Vacancies, 74-99b04

Bioscience development financing act, this index

Bioscience research and development voucher program act, this index

Bioscience research matching funds, this index

Bioscience tax investment act, this index

Bonds for bioscience activity,

Issued by Kansas development finance authority, 74-99b10

Remedies, 74-99b10

Request procedure, 74-99b10

Types of activity, 74-99b10

Vesting of rights, 74-99b10

Citation of act, 74-99b01

Companies receiving authority financing, 74-99b18

Repayment required, when, 74-99b18

Definitions, 74-99b03, 74-99b16

Emerging industry investment act, this index

Employees, 74-99b11

Affiliation with Kansas public employees retirement system, 74-99b17

Death benefits, 74-99b17

Disability benefits, 74-99b17

Exempt from civil service act, 74-99b11

Retirement plan, 74-99b17

Essential government function, exercise of powers deemed, 74-99b02

Exemption from statutory provisions, 74-99b19

Findings and declarations, 74-99b02

Preemptive authority of act, 74-99b14

Procurement contracts, procedure, 74-99b16

Severability, 74-99b20

Taxation, exemption from, 74-99b12

Tort claims act, application of, 74-99b13


Generally, 74-99b41 et seq.

Bioscience development bond fund, 74-99b44

Ad valorem taxes paid into fund, 74-99b45

Distributions, 74-99b44

Citation of act, 74-99b41

Financing bioscience projects, 74-99b43

Issuing special obligation bonds, 74-99b43

Purpose, 74-99b42

Tax increment financing, 12-1770 et seq.


Generally, 74-99b61 et seq.

Bioscience research and development voucher - federal fund,

Disbursements, 74-99b68

Established, 74-99b68

Bioscience research and development voucher fund, 74-99b64

Balance not subject to appropriation, 74-99b64

Receipts, 74-99b64

Bioscience research and development voucher program, 74-99b65

Citation of act, 74-99b61

Definitions, 74-99b63

Project funding, 74-99b67

Limitations, 74-99b67

Purpose, 74-99b62

Qualified company application review, 74-99b66

Criteria, 74-99b66


Generally, 74-99b81 et seq.

Application procedure, 74-99b85

Authority to establish guidelines for eligibility, 74-99b89

Bioscience research matching fund, 74-99b84

Criteria for use, 74-99b86, 74-99b87

Eligibility, 74-99b84

Spending limitation, 74-99b85

Citation of act, 74-99b81

Definitions, 74-99b83

Multi-year grants, 74-99b86

Purpose, 74-99b82, 74-99b84

Report required, 74-99b88


Generally, 74-99b51 et seq.

Citation of act, 74-99b51

Net operating loss reimbursement program, 74-99b53

Certification of company, claim, amount due by department of revenue, annual, 74-99b53

Payment by bioscience authority to company, 74-99b53

Rules and regulations adopted by secretary of revenue, 74-99b53

Purpose, 74-99b52


State bird, 73-901

Wildlife, generally, this index


Vital Statistics, this index


Legality, 65-6702


Crimes and Punishments, generally, this index


See, also, Disability Concerns, Commission On, generally, this index; Disabled Persons, generally, this index; Handicapped Persons, generally, this index

Adult care homes, 39-923 et seq.

Advisory committee. Vending facilities, post

Aid to the blind, representative to manage payments, 59-2801

Arbitration board, 75-3341

Assistive devices accounts. Disabled Persons, this index

Braille, instruction, 72-3471 et seq.


Permanent tax levy, Kan. Const., Art. 7, § 6; 76-6b04

Individuals with a disability, 58-1301 et seq.

Canes, traffic regulations, 8-1542

College students, readers for, 76-157 et seq.

Defined, social welfare, 39-702

Devices, assistive. See subhead Assistive devices accounts. Disabled Persons, this index

Discrimination, employment, public accommodations or housing, 44-1001 et seq.

Division of services for, Kansas department for children and families,

Industries for the blind workshop, Topeka, Kansas, civil service status of employees, 75-5345

Vending facilities, post

Workshops, preexisting condition, disability benefit eligibility, 74-4927



Interference with, 39-1103

Liability, 39-1109

Rights, 39-1109

Use, liability, 39-1102

Education, 76-1101

Elections. See subhead Handicapped persons under Elections, this index

Employment, policy of state, 39-1105

Equipment, assistive. See subhead Assistive devices accounts under Disabled Persons, this index

Families, 39-1114 et seq.

Health agencies, reports, 39-739

Housing, use of guide dogs, 39-1102

Insurance, refusal to insure, 40-2404

Judicial review, vending facility decisions, 75-3342

Kansas department for children and families, division of services for the blind, 39-708c

Library services, readers, 75-2534, 75-2537

Motor vehicles, state board purchase, 75-3327

Parents, 39-1114 et seq.

Public utility bills, format, 66-1229

Readers, blind person attending college, 76-157 et seq.


Social welfare, 39-740

State board of health, 39-740

Refreshment canteen, port of entry building,

Lenexa, 75-3325

Muncie, 75-3324

Registration, 39-739

Rehabilitation center, building in Topeka, addition, 75-3326

Rehabilitation training school, 75-3311

Representative to manage assistance payments, 59-2801

Residence, admission to educational institutions, 39-111

Rights, declaration, 39-1101

Employment, 39-1105

Penalty for interference, 39-1103

Use of guide dogs, liability, 39-1102

Safety day, recognition, 39-1104

Sale, products and services produced, 75-3317 et seq.

Scholarship fund, abolished, moneys transferred to special bequest fund, 76-1118

School for the blind, Kansas state, 76-1101 et seq.

Admission of students, 76-1101b

Buildings, annual tax levy, 76-6b04, 76-6b05

Contracts, 76-1101a

Eligibility requirements, 76-1101b

Employees, 76-1116, 76-1117

Tax sheltered annuities, 76-11a03

Fire protection, 76-125


Special bequest fund, 76-1118

Students, trust funds, 76-172 et seq.

Gifts and bequests, 72-261, 76-1118

Residence, 76-1101b

Rules and regulations, 76-1101a

Special education, exceptional children, 72-3403 et seq.

State board of education, 76-1101a

Superintendent, appointment, 76-1115

Powers and duties, 76-1115

Supervision and control, 76-1101a


Compensation, 76-11a16

Due process, termination or nonrenewal of contracts, 76-11a04 et seq.

Training program, 76-1102a

Tuition, fees and charges, 76-1102

Schools, readers for blind persons, 76-157 et seq.

Special education, exceptional children, 72-3403 et seq.

State purchase of products and services, 75-3317 et seq.

Tax levy, state permanent building, Kan. Const., Art. 7, § 6; 76-6b04, 76-6b05

Traffic regulations, 8-1542

Training program, 76-1102a

Transportation assistance,

Elderly and disabled, 75-5032 et seq.

Public, 75-5051 et seq.

Vending facilities,

Account, 75-3339a

Advisory committee, 75-3343

Arbitration boards, 75-3341

Definitions, 75-3338

Division of services for blind, duties, 75-3340 et seq.

Hearings, procedure, 75-3340

Highway rest or recreation areas, 75-3343a

Judicial review of decisions, 75-3342

Operation, 75-3340

Preference in operations on state and municipal property, 75-3337 et seq.

Public building requirements, 75-3339

State agencies, failure to comply with law and regulations, 75-3341

State highways, 68-432

Vocational rehabilitation, programs, development of, 39-708c

Voting at elections. See subhead Handicapped persons under Elections, this index

White Cane Law, 39-1101 et seq.

Workers compensation,

Rehabilitation, 44-510g

Workers compensation fund, facilitate employment, 44-566 et seq.

Workshops. See subhead Blind persons under Children and Families, Kansas Department for, this index


Derivatives and products for injection or transfusion, liability, 65-3701

Donation, age, eligibility, 38-123a

Human blood, supplying for injection or transfusion, liability, 65-3701

Umbilical cord banks, 65-1,249


Alcohol and drugs,

Boat operators, 32-1132 et seq.

Drivers, 8-1001 et seq.

Pilots, 3-1007

State employees, 75-4362

Galactosemia, testing of infants, 65-180 et seq.

Genetic diseases, 65-180 et seq.

Hepatitis b, prenatal serological test, 65-153f

Hypothyroidism, testing of infants, 65-180 et seq.

Phenylketonuria, testing of infants, 65-180 et seq.

Sickle cell trait and sickle cell anemia,

Assistance and information, 65-1,105, 65-1,105b

Establishment of programs, 65-1,105

Information confidential, 65-1,106

Syphilis, prenatal serological test, 65-153f


Generally, 17-12a101 et seq.

Securities, generally, this index


Municipally Owned Utilities, this index


Colleges and Universities, this index


Trade, Board of, this index


See, also, Food Service and Lodging Establishments, generally, this index; Hotels, generally, this index


Lien for charges due, 36-201 et seq.

Limitation of liability, 36-402, 36-403

Buildings, individuals with a disability, 58-1301 et seq.

Child Care Facilities, generally, this index

Defined, 36-501

Discrimination, 44-1001 et seq.

Fire protection, 31-132 et seq.

Homes for children, 65-501

Liens, charges due, 36-201 et seq.

Priority, lien for charges due, 36-202

Property of guests, limitation of liability, 36-401 et seq.

Sales, guests' property for charges due, 36-203 et seq.

Surplus proceeds, remittance to school equalization fund, 36-205


Adult Care Homes, generally, this index

Alterations or additions, 39-933

Children and youth, community based, department for children and families, 39-1301 et seq.

Homes for children. Children and Minors, this index

Inspections and investigations, 39-933

Juvenile offenders, community based,

Authority, commissioner of juvenile justice, 39-1301 et seq.


See, also, Committees, generally, this index,

911 coordinating council, 12-5364

Accountancy, board of, 1-201

Adult care home administrators, board of, 65-3506

Advisory committees. Committees, generally, this index

Advisory group on juvenile justice and delinquency prevention, Kansas, 75-7007

Agricultural labor relations board, 44-820

Agricultural remediation board, 2-3709, 2-3710

Agriculture, state board of, 74-562 et seq.

Alcoholic beverage control board of review. Intoxicating Liquors, this index

Alternative health care board, proposed, 65-7214

Alvin Sykes cold case DNA task force, 21-6901

American revolution bicentennial commission, abolished, 73-1501

Animal health board, 74-4001 et seq.

Antiquities commission, 74-5401 et seq.

Applied remote sensing, Kansas commission, abolished, 74-131

Armory board. Armories, this index

Art museum board, 13-460 et seq.

Athletic commission, 74-2901 et seq.

Audiology. Speech-language pathology and audiology board, 65-6502

Auditing board, townships, 80-302

Banking board, 74-3006

Barbering, Kansas board of, 74-1805a

Behavioral sciences regulatory board, 74-7501 et seq.

Benefit assessments commission, valley of natural watercourse, 24-519 et seq.

Building advisory commission, state, 75-3780 et seq.

Central interstate low-level radioactive waste commission, 65-34a02

Child death review, state board of, 22a-243 et seq.

Child research, university of Kansas, 76-316 et seq.

Child support proceedings, licensing sanctions,

Definitions, 74-146

Notice of contempt, 74-147

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

Child welfare system task force, 38-151

Children and families, advisory committee on, abolished, 38-1901

Children with special health care needs, advisory commission for, 75-5643

Chiropody. Podiatrists, generally, this index

Cities of First Class, this index

Cities of Second Class, generally, this index

Cities of Third Class, generally, this index

Coalition of innovative districts, 72-4224

Compensation, allowances, mileage and expenses of members, 75-3216, 75-3223

Congressional district residency requirements, 75-4315c

Conservation commission, state, 2-1903 et seq.

Corporation commission, 74-601

Corrections ombudsman board, abolished, 74-140

Cosmetology, state board of, 74-2701

Counties, this index

County Commissioners, generally, this index

County park commissioners. Parks, this index

County park districts. Parks, this index

Creative arts industries commission, 74-5207 et seq.

Crime victims compensation board, 74-7301 et seq.

Crippled and chronically ill children, see Children with special health care needs, advisory commission for, 75-5643, 75-5647

Deaf and hard of hearing, Kansas commission for the, 75-5391 et seq.

See also, Deaf and Hearing Impaired Persons, this index

Dealer review board, vehicles, 8-2412

Dental board, Kansas, 74-1404

Developmental disabilities, state council on, 74-5501 et seq.

Disability concerns, commission on, 74-6701 et seq.

Drainage Districts, this index

Drug utilization review board, medicaid, 39-7,119

Early childhood developmental services, coordinating council on, 74-7801 et seq.

Education, state board of, Kan. Const. Art. 6, § 2 et seq.

Education commission of the states, compact for education, 72-8261 et seq.

Elections, this index

Emergency medical services board, 65-6102

Emergency planning and response, commission on, 65-5721

See, also, Emergencies, this index

Emergency response commission, state, 65-5703

Emergency safety intervention task force, 72-6157

Eminent domain, 26-210

Employment security, review board, 44-709

Ethics. Governmental ethics commission, 25-4119a

Film services commission, Kansas, 74-9201

Fire service training commission, University of Kansas, 76-327a et seq.

Firemen's retirement system, 13-14a05, 14-10a04

Funeral Directors and Embalmers. Mortuary arts, board of, 74-1701a

Geographic information systems policy board, Kansas, 74-99f04

Governmental ethics commission, 25-4119a

Governor's mental health services planning council, 39-1605

Governor's residence, 75-129 et seq.

Hazardous waste disposal facility approval board, abolition, 74-140

Healing arts, state board of, 65-2812

Health and environment, advisory commission abolished, 74-140

Health care access improvement panel, 65-6218

Health care commission, state employees, 75-6502

Health care data governing board, abolished, 65-6803

Health policy authority, Kansas, generally, this index

Hearing instruments, board of examiners, 74-5801 et seq.

Hispanic and Latino American affairs commission, 74-6501 et seq.

Housing authorities, 17-2341, 17-2343

Human rights commission, Kansas, 44-1003

Human trafficking advisory board, 75-757

Impeachment of public officers, board of managers prosecuting, state legislature, 37-104 et seq.

Indigents' defense services, state board of, 22-4519 et seq.

Industrial hemp advisory board, 2-3902

Information network of Kansas, board, 74-9303

Information systems policy board, abolition, 74-140

Interstate Commerce Commission, generally, this index

Interstate commission, interstate compact for adult offender supervision, 22-4110 et seq.

Interstate commission of nurse licensure compact administrators, 65-1166

Interstate cooperation commission, 46-401 et seq.

Interstate oil compact commission, 55-865

Juvenile justice oversight committee, 75-52,161

Kansas business health policy committee, 40-4702

Kansas children's cabinet, 38-1901 et seq., 38-2103

Kansas children's vision health and school readiness commission, 72-6242

Kansas criminal justice reform commission, 21-6902

Kansas commission on peace officers' standards and training. Law Enforcement Training Center, this index

Kansas cotton boll weevil act, 2-2145, 2-2146, 2-2147, 2-2148

Kansas employment first oversight commission, 44-1138

Kansas UST redevelopment fund compensation advisory board, 65-34,133, 65-34,134

Kansas fights addiction grant review board, 75-778

Kansas firefighters advisory committee, 75-36,103

Labor, secretary of, 75-5724

Labor and employment, fact-finding boards, 75-4332

Law enforcement officers memorial advisory committee, 75-2251

Law enforcement training commission, 74-5601 et seq.

Library, State Library of Kansas Board, 75-2546

Licensing bodies, child support proceedings, licensing sanctions,

Definitions, 74-146

Notice of contempt, 74-147

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

Lottery, state, 74-8709

Lottery gaming facility review board, 74-8734

Low-level radioactive waste, advisory board abolished, 74-140

Medicaid drug utilization review board, 39-7,119

Medical advisory board, driver's license, 8-255b

Mental health medication advisory committee, 39-7,121b

Metropolitan transit board, 12-2815 et seq.

Midwest nuclear board, abolition, 74-140

Midwestern higher education commission, 74-32,264 et seq.

Military board, 48-214

Military disability board, 48-261

Mined-land conservation and reclamation board. Mines and Minerals, this index

Mobile home and recreational vehicles commission, abolished, 75-1219

Mortuary arts, state board of, 74-1701a

Municipal Accounting. Accountancy, board of, 1-201

National defense, council of, 48-907

Natural and scientific areas, advisory board, 74-6614

Natural gas authority board, 12-871

Nursing, board of, 74-1106

Oil and gas resources board, Kansas, 55-1627

Optometry, board of examiners, 74-1501

Parks, this index

Persian Gulf War veterans health initiative board, 73-1223

Pet animal advisory board, 47-1725

Pharmacy, board of, 74-1603

Physical therapy, 65-2905

Planning Commission, generally, this index

Podiatrists. Healing arts, board of, 65-2812

Policemen's retirement system, 13-14a04, 14-10a04

Pooled money investment board, 75-4221a

Procedure, rules of civil procedure, applicability, 60-265

Public broadcasting council, 75-4912 et seq.

Public employee relations board, 75-4323

Quality care improvement panel, 75-7435

Racing and gaming commission, 74-8803, 74-8803a

Rail service assistance program advisory committee, 75-5042

Real Estate Commission, 74-4201

Records, preservation, government records preservation act, 45-401 et seq.

Records board, 75-3502a

Recreation commissions, 12-1926 et seq.

Regents, state board of, Kan. Const. Art. 6, § 2

Reports, 75-3044 et seq.

Residency requirements, congressional districts, 75-4315c

Rules and regulations board, state, 77-423

Rules of civil procedure, applicability, 60-265

Salvage board, 68-2212

Savings and Loan Associations, this index

Schools and School Districts, this index

Sentencing commission, Kansas, 74-9101 et seq.

Sex offender policy board. Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Kansas, this index

Sheep council, 47-2001 et seq.

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

Speech-language pathology and audiology board, 65-6502

Sports hall of fame, board of trustees, 74-2906a et seq.

State conservation commission, 2-1904

State employees health care commission, 75-6502

State library of Kansas board, 75-2546

State Officers and Employees, generally, this index

Subsistence allowance, 75-3206 et seq.

Teaching and school administration professional standards advisory board, 72-2309 et seq.

Technical professions, state board of, 74-7001 et seq.

Townships, this index

Trade, Board of, generally, this index

Transit boards, metropolitan transit authority, 12-2815 et seq.

Transportation, state department, advisory, 75-5018

Trauma, advisory committee on, 75-5664

Travel and tourism, council on, 32-1410 et seq.

Unmarked burial sites preservation board, 75-2744

Urban renewal agency, 17-4757

Veterinary examiners, state board of, 47-818

Visibility transport commission, 65-3005

Water Districts, this index

Zones and Zoning, this index


Schools and School Districts, this index

State Board of Education, this index


Generally, 32-1101 et seq.


Failure to reclaim, 32-1157

Notice to secretary, 32-1111, 32-1158

Notification of registered owner, 32-1157

Removal from public waterway, 32-1156

Sale or destruction of vessel, 32-1157

Accidents, 32-1177

Alcohol and drug tests, 32-1132 et seq.

Alcohol, 32-1125, 32-1130 et seq.

Tests, operators, 32-1132 et seq.

Agents, certificate of number, issuance, 32-1111

Boater safety education, 32-1139

Certificate of completion, 32-1141

Course of instruction, approval and development, 32-1140

Instructors, liability insurance, 32-1142

Buoys, operation in nonboating area, 32-1125

Capacity limits, 32-1126

Children. Minors, post

City ordinances, application of law, 32-1103

County resolutions, application of, 32-1103

Crimes, punishments and penalties,

Alcohol and drugs, 32-1125, 32-1130 et seq.

Buoyed areas, 32-1119, 32-1125

Capacity limits, 32-1126, 32-1127

Drugs, 32-1125, 32-1130 et seq.

Educational requirements, 32-1139

Eluding law enforcement officer, 32-1125

Evidence, preservation of, 32-1159

Exemptions, 32-1166

Fleeing law enforcement officer, 32-1125

Hull identification numbers, unlawful acts, 32-1115, 32-1117

Intoxication, 32-1125, 32-1130 et seq.

Lifesaving devices, 32-1129

Minors, 32-1125, 32-1129

Motorboats, 32-1119

Negligence, 32-1125

Offenses committed on, 22-2608

Operation, prohibitions, 32-1119, 32-1125, 32-1126, 32-1127

Passenger boats, 32-1127

Recklessness, 32-1125

Scuba diving, 32-1150, 32-1151

Sewage disposal, 32-1153

Surfboards, 32-1125, 32-1128

Unnumbered vessel, 32-1110

Vehicular homicide, 21-5406

Water skis, 32-1125, 32-1128

Damages, 32-1177


Certificates of number, 32-1112

Dealer's certificates, 32-1114

Definitions, 32-1102, 32-1119, 32-1125, 32-1130

Demonstration, certificate of number, 32-1112

Drugs, 32-1125, 32-1130 et seq.

Tests, operators, 32-1132 et seq.

Drunken driving, 32-1125, 32-1130 et seq.

Eluding law enforcement officer, 32-1125

Enforcement of act, 32-1178


Lifesaving devices, 32-1119, 32-1129

Exemptions, 32-1166

Safety, 32-1119

Exemptions from boats and boating act, 32-1166

Federal funds, disposition, 32-1174

Fees, 32-1172

Disposition, 32-1173

Numbering, 32-1111

Registration, testing and demonstrating, 32-1112

Storage, 32-1159

Fines and penalties, see Crimes, punishments and penalties, ante

Fishing. Wildlife, this index

Fleeing law enforcement officer, 32-1125

Intoxication, 32-1125, 32-1130 et seq.

Law enforcement officers,

Duties, 32-1178

Fleeing or eluding, 32-1125

Laws, application of, 32-1103

Leases, 32-1148

Licenses and permits,

Numbering, post

Racing, 32-1149

Regattas, 32-1149

Water events, 32-1149

Lifeboats, exemption, 32-1113

Lifesaving devices, 32-1119, 32-1129

Exemptions, 32-1166

Liveries, 32-1148

Manufacture, direct molding process, 50-802

Manufacturers, certificates of number, testing or demonstrating, 32-1112


Lifesaving devices, 32-1129

Operation of vessels, 32-1125

Motorboats, 32-1119

Muffler system requirements, 32-1120

Numbering, 32-1110 et seq.

Application, 32-1111, 32-1116

Change, address or ownership, 32-1111

Duplicates, 32-1111

Exemption, 32-1113, 32-1166

Existing number, unidentifiable, 32-1116

Federal boats, exemption, 32-1113

Federal system, 32-1111

Fees, 32-1111, 32-1172

Handmade vessels, 32-1117

Hull identification numbers, unlawful acts, 32-1115

Manufacturers, testing or demonstrating vessels, 32-1112

Temporary permits, 32-1111

Ownership, change, 32-1110

Passenger boats, unlawful acts, 32-1127

Political subdivisions, exemption, 32-1113

Racing. Licenses and permits, ante

Regattas. Licenses and permits, ante

Registration. Numbering, ante


Accidents, 32-1177

Personal property taxes, 32-1104

Rules and regulations, 32-1103

Capacity, 32-1126

Numbering, 32-1111

Scuba diving, 32-1150

Sewage disposal, 32-1154

Water events, 32-1149


Capacity, 32-1126, 32-1127

Equipment, 32-1119, 32-1166

Lifesaving devices, 32-1119, 32-1129

Public policy, 32-1101

Sales tax, payment, 32-1111, 79-3644

Compensating tax, 12-198

Salvage, 70-101 et seq.

Scuba diving, 32-1150, 32-1151

Security interest, creation, 32-1111

Sewage disposal, 32-1152 et seq.

State boats, exemption, 32-1113

Surfboards, prohibitions, 32-1125, 32-1128

Swimming areas, operation of motorboats near, 32-1119

Taxes, personal property, 32-1104, 79-102

Taxation, generally, this index

Temporary permits. Numbering, ante

Testing, certificates of number, 32-1112

Toilets, 32-1152 et seq.


Dealers registration, exemption, 8-2403

Registration fees, 8-143

United States,

Exemption, 32-1113

Information, transmittal, 32-1178

Water events. Licenses and permits, ante

Water skis, prohibitions, 32-1125, 32-1128


Dead Bodies, generally, this index


Tattooing and Body Piercing, this index


Boiler inspection fee fund, 44-926

Boiler Safety Act, 44-913 et seq.

Application, 44-915, 44-917

Certificate of competency,

Issuance, 44-920

Replacement, 44-922

Suspension and revocation, 44-921

Certificate of inspection,

Fees, 44-926

Exemptions, 44-920

Required, 44-924, 44-925

Cities, delegation of authority to, 44-929

Definitions, 44-914

Exemptions, 44-915

Fees, inspection, 44-926

Exemptions, 44-920

Hearings, 44-928

Inspections, 44-923

Exemptions, 44-915

Expenses, 44-926

Fees, 44-926

Exemptions, 44-920

Report of, 44-924

Standards, rules and regulations, 44-916


Chief, 44-918

Bond, 44-927

Delegation of authority to city, 44-929

Compensation, 44-918, 44-920


Bond, 44-927

Expenses, 44-920, 44-926

Fees, 44-926

Exemptions, 44-920

Insurance company, 44-920

Certificate of competency,

Replacement, 44-922

Suspension and revocation, 44-921

Jurisdiction of state, exclusive, 44-929

Review, 44-928

Rules and regulations, 44-916

Violation, penalty, 44-925

Special permit, 44-917

Standards, 44-916

Maximum pressure, 44-917

Nonconformity, 44-917

Violation, penalty, 44-925

Unlawful acts, 44-925

Judicial review, actions of state fire marshall, 44-928


Bank Deposits and Collections, generally, this index

Bills of lading, 84-7-501

Judicial process lien, 84-7-602

Commercial Paper, generally, this index

Consumer Credit Code, generally, this index

Investment Securities, this index

Resale by seller, 84-2-706

Secured Transactions, this index

Seller, right to reclaim goods, 84-2-702

Title of goods, 84-2-403

Warehouse lien, sale to enforce, 84-7-210

Warehouse Receipts, this index


Generally, 82-161 et seq.


See, also, Securities, generally, this index

Generally, 10-101 et seq.

Airports and Landing Fields, this index

Appeal and Review, this index

Appearance, traffic violations, 8-2107

Criminal Procedure, generally, this index

Arbitration and award, 5-202, 5-203, 5-208, 5-212

Attorney fees, 58-2312

Bioscience development, 74-99b10, 74-99b43

Capitol area plaza authority, 75-2240a

Carriers, this index

Cities. See, Municipal Bonds, generally, this index

Colleges and Universities, this index

Community colleges, 71-201

Assumption or retention upon consolidation, 71-1307

Attestation, 10-105

Capital outlay, 71-502

Registration, 10-107

Signing and execution, 10-105

Community health center, 19-4004


Nonresident, 79-1010

Public buildings or improvements, 60-1110, 60-1111, 60-1112

Cooperative marketing associations, ownership, 17-1605

Corporations, this index

County Bonds, generally, this index

Debt limitation, 10-306 et seq.


Express highways and freeways, 68-2302

Municipal Housing Law, 17-2339

Turnpikes, 68-2001

Discharge from registration, state and municipal, 10-601

Drainage Districts, this index

Drains and Drainage, this index

Driver training school operator, 8-275

Duplicate bonds,

Contents, 10-702

Issuance, indemnity, 10-704

Executions, property claimed by third persons, 60-2407

Express highways and freeways. Roads and Highways, this index

Fiduciaries. Bonds (Officers and Fiduciaries), generally, this index

Fire Districts, this index

Fiscal agent, payment, 10-501 et seq.

Garnishment, this index

Groundwater management districts, 82a-1031

Elections for approval, 82a-1031

Higher education loan programs, 74-32,252

Horsethief reservoir benefit district, 82a-2209, 82a-2210

Tax exemptions, 82a-2209

Hospitals, this index


Local Residential Housing Finance Law, generally, this index

Municipalities, 17-2351 et seq.

Housing authorities, 17-2348

IMPACT act, 74-50,102 et seq.

Improvement Districts, this index

Industrial districts, 19-3808 et seq.

Industrial Revenue Bonds, this index


Contract rate, 16-207

Default penalty, prior interest, 16-205

Maximum rates, 10-1009

Tax exemption, student union building bonds, 76-6a10


Banks, 9-1101

Cemetery districts, 17-1338

Colleges and universities, 76-6a23

Credit unions, 17-2204

Currently surplus bond proceeds or surplus proceeds, 75-4251

Insurance companies, 40-2a01 et seq., 40-2b01 et seq.

State agencies,

Reserve or sinking funds, 75-4252 et seq.

Surplus proceeds, 75-4251 et seq.

Surplus proceeds or reserves, 75-4253

Irrigation and Irrigation Districts, this index

Jails, this index

Judicial sales, proceeds, 60-309

Juvenile justice authority, payment of debt service, 76-6b05

Kansas Development Finance Authority Act, this index

Kansas public employees retirement system,

Unfunded liability, 74-49,129, 74-49,130, 74-49,131a, 74-49,131b

Levees and Flood Control, this index

Libraries, this index

Limitation on indebtedness, 10-306 et seq.

Local Residential Housing Finance Law, generally, this index

Lost or destroyed, 10-704

Lower smoky hill water supply access program, 82a-2314

Mechanics' liens, securing payment of claims, 60-1110

Public works bonds, 60-1111, 60-1112

Mental health clinics, county, 65-212

Mines and mining, encroachment, surveys and injunctions, 49-101

Monuments and memorials, 73-405, 73-435

Motor vehicles, damages to highway, 8-1911

Municipal Bonds, generally, this index

Municipal universities, 76-6a13 et seq.

Municipalities, housing finance. Local Residential Housing Finance Law, generally, this index

Negotiability, state and municipal, 10-601

Nonnegotiable bonds, changing negotiable bonds, 52-1801

Nonresident contractors, 79-1010

Officers and fiduciaries. Bonds (Officers and Fiduciaries), generally, this index

Oil and Gas, this index

Parimutuel racing. Parimutuel Racing, generally, this index

Parking Lots and Facilities, this index

Parks, this index

Pharmacy, state board of, 65-1628a

Pipelines, mortgages and deeds of trust, securing, execution and filing, 17-630, 17-631

Port Authorities, this index

Private activity bond allocation act, 74-5058 et seq.

Private activity bonds, administrative fee, 74-5060

Probate Proceedings, this index

Public broadcasting services, grants, 75-4912

Public moneys, security for deposit of, 9-1402

Public Utilities, this index

Public works bonds, 60-1110, 60-1111

Certificate of deposit in lieu of, 60-1112

Railroads, this index

Receipt issued for goods stored under statute requiring, 84-7-201

Refunding bonds. Municipal Bonds, this index


Airport bonds, 3-148, 3-152, 3-152a

Bank as registrar, 9-1601

Kansas Bond Registration Law, 10-620 et seq.

State and municipal, 10-601 et seq.

Research and development facilities, educational institutions, 76-783

Residential housing financing. Local Residential Housing Finance Law, generally, this index

Revenue bonds, 82a-1360 et seq.

Biomass-to-energy plants, 74-8949b


Colleges and universities, 76-6a13

Community colleges, 76-6a13

State Office Buildings and Grounds, generally, this index

Colleges and Universities, generally, this index

Educational institutions, defined, 76-6a13

Electric plants, certain cities, 10-1202

Energy conservation measures, certain federal facilities, 74-8960

Hydroelectric power generation facilities, 74-8939

Electricity and hydrogen prototype with limited emissions, 74-8939

Research, 74-8909

Industrial Revenue Bonds, this index

Integrated coal gasification power plants, 74-8947

Integrated coal or coke gasification nitrogen fertilizer plant, 74-8949a

Interest, tax exemptions, 82a-1365

Interest rates,

Limitation prescribed, 10-1009

Municipal utility, 10-1207

Kansas public employees retirement system,

Unfunded liability, 74-49,129, 74-49,130, 74-49,131a

Limitation on indebtedness, excluded, 10-311

Municipal Bonds, this index

Oil and gas pipelines, new qualifying, 74-8949

Pollution control devices, certain electric generation facilities, 74-8940, 74-8941

Public wholesale water supply districts, 19-3553

Refineries, 74-8948

Refunding by municipal or quasi-municipal corporations, 10-116a

Remedies upon holders, medical center revenue bonds, 76-819

Renewable electric cogeneration facilities, 74-8949c

Renewable electric generators, financing, certain community colleges, 74-8949e

Reservoir projects, 82a-1360 et seq.

Sewage disposal facilities, 12-3710 et seq.

Streets and highways, 79-3425g

Tax exemptions, 76-6a22

Tire manufacturers, modernizing and retooling, 74-8942 et seq.

Waste heat utilization systems, electric generation facilities, 74-8949d

Water office, Kansas, reservoir projects, water storage, 74-2609, 82a-1360 et seq.

Roads and Highways, this index

Rural water districts, construction of works, 82a-625

Rural water supply districts, 82a-609

Sales tax and revenue bonds, 12-17,160 et seq.

School Bonds, generally, this index

Secured Debts Act, 79-3121 et seq.

Securities Commissioner, this index

Sewage disposal facilities, 12-3710

Sewers and Sewer Systems, this index

Special facilities, revenue bonds. Municipal Bonds, this index

Special obligation bonds, 12-1770

Sports authorities, 19-28,105 et seq.

STAR bonds, administrative fee, 12-17,164

State agencies,

Investments, reserves or surplus proceeds, 75-4253

Proceeds of bonds, 75-4251 et seq.

Refinancing pooled money investment board loans, 75-4262

Reserve and sinking funds, 75-4252 et seq.

State Bonds, generally, this index

State Office Buildings and Grounds, this index

State Treasurer, generally, this index

Statute of frauds, 33-102

Storm drainage districts, urban area counties, 19-27,129 et seq.

Streets and Alleys, this index

Surplus Property and Public Airport Authority Act, annexation of lands by city, 27-321

Swimming pools, operation and maintenance, 15-915

Tax Exemptions, this index

Temporary borrowing, banks, 9-1107

Tire manufacturers, revenue bonds for modernizing and retooling, 74-8942

Township Bonds, generally, this index

Township fire districts, 80-1541

Township public purpose buildings and grounds, 80-104

Township water supply, 80-1607 et seq.

Traffic violations, 8-2107

Transferability, state and municipal, 10-601

Transportation development district. Municipalities, this index.

Turnpikes. Roads and Highways, this index

University of Kansas Hospital Authority, 76-3308, 76-3312

University research and development facilities, 76-783

Urban renewal projects, 17-4751

Investments in, 17-4752

Veterans' home, northeast Kansas, 76-1959

Warehouse receipts,

Duplicate, 34-257a

Goods stored under statute requiring bond, 84-7-201

Warehouses and Warehousemen, generally, this index

Watershed Districts, this index


Generally, 78-108, 78-109

Abstracters, 58-2802

Acknowledgments, individual sureties, 78-112

Actions and proceedings on bonds,

Auction of new goods, 58-1018

Forfeitures by companies, 78-106

Limitation of actions, 60-511

Military equipment, officers receiving, 75-111

Venue, 60-602, 78-103

Agricultural extension councils, treasurer, 2-613

Allowance for premiums, 78-108, 78-111

Amercement of officers, 60-2604

Amount of bond, 78-109

Animals, public livestock markets, applicant for license, 47-1002

Application for, false statements, 78-102

Auction of new goods, 58-1018

Banks and Banking, this index

Blanket bonds, 19-4201 et seq.

Boxing and wrestling, 21-1802


Board of directors, treasurer, 12-1424

Custodians, endowment funds, 12-1411

Cemetery corporation, 17-1312, 17-1321

Cities of first class, treasurer, 13-526a

Cities of second class, 14-205

Committee on surety bonds and insurance, 75-4101 et seq.

Compensating tax, 79-3707, 79-3713


Public works, 60-1110, 60-1111

Certificate of deposit, 60-1112

Nonresident, tax collection, 79-1010

Corporate surety, 78-102

Corporations, this index

Cost of bond, allowance, 78-108, 78-111

County attorney, 19-701

County Auditors, this index

County Clerks, this index

County engineers, 68-505

County Officers and Employees, this index

County park districts, 19-2886

County payment of premiums, 78-111

County Treasurers, this index

Credit union council, examiners and employees, 17-2236

Credit unions, 17-2209

Liquidating procedure, 17-2230

Depositories, 9-1301, 9-1402 et seq.

Destruction, restoration, 60-2501 et seq.

Drainage Districts, this index

Employment agencies, 44-403, 44-404

Estoppel, corporate power denial, 78-105

Execution, individual sureties, 78-112

Extension councils, 2-611, 2-613

Extradition proceedings, 22-2716, 22-2717

Forfeiture, 22-2718

False statement, bond application, 78-102

Fees, filing, entering and releasing, 28-170

Food, drugs and cosmetics, 65-657

Foreign corporate surety, 78-102


Companies not complying with laws, 78-106

Limitation of liability, surety, 78-107

Guardian and Ward, this index

Health officers, 65-202, 65-206

Hospital trustees, cities of second class, 14-605

Improvement district treasurer, 19-2763

Industrial districts, treasurers, 19-3810

Insurance agents, 40-306

Interstate motor fuel user, 79-34,116

Intoxicating Liquors, this index

Investments, retirement system, public employees, 74-4921

Johnson county park board, supervisory personnel, 19-2869

Library board treasurer, 12-1226

Limitation of actions, 60-511

Limitation of liability, surety, 78-107

Liquefied petroleum motor fuel tax licensee, 79-3496

Lost or destroyed, restoration, 60-2501 et seq.

Metropolitan transit authority, 12-2820, 12-2823

Military equipment, officers receiving, 75-110, 75-111

Money, transmission of, 9-509

Municipal court clerks, 12-4108

Municipal utilities, board members, 12-827

Mutual insurance companies, 40-1203

Parimutuel Racing, generally, this index

Performance bonds, public works, 60-1110, 60-1111

Certificate of deposit, 60-1112

Premiums, allowance, 78-108, 78-111

Probate Proceedings, this index

Prosecution on official bonds or contracts, 75-703

Public livestock markets, 47-1001a, 47-1002

Public moneys, security for deposit, 9-1403, 9-1405, 9-1406, 9-1407

Public works bonds, 60-1110, 60-1111, 60-1112

Receivers and receivership, 78-108, 78-109

Reciprocal or interinsurance, 40-1613

Attorney and employees, 40-1608

Redelivery bond,

Replevin, 60-1005

Security interest, foreclosure, 60-1006

Register of deeds, 19-1201

Replevin, 60-1005

Sales tax, 79-3616

Savings and Loan Associations, this index

School districts payment, premiums, 78-111

School employees, petty cash funds, 72-1177

School lands, purchaser, 72-1532

School Officers and Employees, this index

Secretary of State, this index

Securities, broker-dealers and investment advisors, 17-12a411

Security interest, foreclosure, 60-1006

Sheriffs, this index

Sidewalk construction, contractor's bond, 68-132

Soil conservation districts, 2-1907

State Officers and Employees, this index

State Treasurer, this index

Sureties, this index

Surety companies, powers, 40-1102

Tax, property reappraisers, 79-1413a

Township Officers and Employees, generally, this index

Township payment of premiums, 78-111

Township road overseer, 68-531

Trusts and Trustees, this index

Venue, action on bonds, 60-602, 78-103

Veterans' curators, 73-508

Allowance for premiums for payment, 73-511

Warehouses and Warehousemen, this index

Water districts, certain counties, 19-3505


Stock bonus plans, trusts, 58-1101, 58-1102


See, also, Records and Recordation, generally, this index

Counties, transfer upon change of boundaries, 18-207

Information Network of Kansas, generally, this index

Limited Partnership, this index

Open public records, 45-215 et seq.

Production of,

Abstracters' board, 74-3902

Barbers, 65-1824

Correctional institutions, investigations, 75-5251

Dairies and dairy products,

Unfair trade practices, 50-507

Dentists and dental hygienists, 65-1452

Impeachment of public officers, 37-106, 37-107

Labor disputes, 44-611

Metropolitan transit board, 12-2837

Motor fuel or liquid fuel carriers, 55-515

Motor Fuel Tax Law investigation, 79-3419

Optometry board, 74-1504

Secretary of labor, 44-611

Tax appeals, state board of, 74-2437a

Veterans, curators for, accounting by curator, 73-509

Warehousemen, hearings, 34-230a

Workers compensation proceedings, 44-549


Roads and highways, state highway purposes, 68-413


Roads and highways, throwing on, 8-1583


Annexation of Territory, this index

Cemetery districts, exclusion of territory, 15-1018, 15-1019

Cities, change in, 12-517, 12-518, Kan. Const. Art. 12, § 5

Counties, this index

Drainage Districts, this index

Fire Districts, this index

Improvement Districts, this index

Industrial districts, 19-3817

Irrigation and Irrigation Districts, this index

Johnson county, water supply and distribution district, notice of election, 19-3507a

Missouri river boundary line agreement, 82a-521 et seq.

Municipalities, this index

Rural water districts, petition of outside landowners, 82a-622

Schools and School Districts, this index

Shawnee Mission park district, additional territory, 19-2871, 19-2871a, 19-2871b

Taxing district change, 79-1807

Township fire districts, 80-1512 et seq.

Townships, this index

Wards and precincts; See subhead Boundaries, ward and precinct under Elections, this index

Water, appropriations, application for permit, 82a-710

Water districts, 82a-614

Agreements to extend, certain counties, 19-3512

Water supply and distribution districts, 19-3504

Wyandotte county, water supply and distribution district, notice of election, 19-3507a


Boundaries, 18-106

County buildings,

Financing of, sales tax, 12-187, 12-189

Fair association, special assessments on property of,

Actions stayed, 79-2431

Redetermination of assessment, collection, 79-2432

Fort Scott/Bourbon county riverfront authority act, 12-5701 et seq.

Health care facilities and services hospital district No. 1, addition to home for aged, 80-2554


State reptile, 73-1901


Generally, 21-1801 et seq.

Arrest, 21-1803

Athletic commission, powers and duties, 74-2902

Bond, 21-1802

Crimes and punishments, 21-1801

Fees, 74-2902

Forfeiture of office, 21-1803

Licenses and permits, 74-2902, 74-2903

Offenses, 21-1801 et seq.

Professional Regulated Sports Act, 74-50,181 et seq.

Rules and regulations, 74-2902

Warrants for arrest, 21-1802


Conveyance of lands to girl scout council, 75-3323a


Israel, state contracts, prohibited, 75-3740e,

Waiver, 75-3740f

Unlawful, certain labor disputes, 44-615


Juvenile Correctional Complex, Kansas, this index


Generally, 72-3471 et seq.


Agricultural Products, this index

Animals, generally, this index

Bread and flour enrichment, 65-2304

Catfish, imported, 65-6a53

Certificates, fees, 28-103

Commercial Feeds, this index

Drugs and Medicines, this index

Economic Poisons, this index

Fertilizers, this index

Flour and bread enrichment, 65-2304

Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 65-655 et seq.

Hazardous household articles, 65-2701, 65-2703

Intoxicating Liquors, this index

Liquefied motor fuel containers, 79-34,101

Liquefied petroleum gas, 55-1101 et seq.

Liquid fuel carriers, markings on vehicles, 55-512

Meat and poultry inspection, unlawful acts, 65-6a28

Penalties, 65-6a40

Merchantability requirements, 84-2-314

Motor carriers, each unit or vehicle, 66-1,129

Motor fuel carriers, vehicles, 55-512

Motor vehicles, publicly owned, 8-305

Recording, fees, 28-103

Salvage, notice to owner, 70-103

Seeds, this index

Trademarks and Trade Names, generally, this index

Weights and Measures, this index


Crimes and Punishments, this index


Bank deposits and collections, 84-4-207, 84-4-208, 84-4-209

Sales, this index


Enrichment, 65-2301 et seq.


Burglary. Crimes and Punishments, this index


Foreclosure of security interest, civil procedure, 60-1006

Replevin proceedings, 60-1005


Banks, 9-2005

Cosmetologists, 65-1908

County auditors, 19-614

Crimes and Punishments, this index

Election Offenses, generally, this index

Inquisitions, criminal procedure, 22-3101 et seq.

Irrigation officers, 42-3,111

State buildings, bids and bidding, 75-3741


Railroads, this index

Roads and Highways, this index


Insurance Agents, Solicitors or Brokers, generally, this index

Investment Securities, this index

Loan Brokers, this index

Motor vehicles, 8-2401 et seq.

Personal property taxation, 79-304

Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons, generally, this index

Securities, generally, this index


Boundaries, 18-107

Courthouse, jail, law enforcement facility, other administrative facility,

Financing of, sales tax, 12-187, 12-189

U.S.D. No. 430, land transfer, 72-1551


Generally, 75-3714a et seq., 79-2925 et seq.

Canteens, state institutions, 75-3728g

Capital improvements, state, 75-3717b


County clerk, 79-2930

Director of accounts and reports, 79-2930

Cities. See Municipal budgets, post

Colleges and universities, building needs, 76-6b03

Community colleges, 71-611 et seq.

Community mental health centers, 19-4003

Conservation districts, 2-1907c

Counties. See Municipal budgets, post

Counties over 300,000, budget increase, 28-623

Law enforcement agency, 19-4421, 19-4443, 19-4443a

Mental health centers, 19-4003

Park commissioners, 19-2857

Workmen's compensation reserve fund, 44-505b

County auditor, duties, 19-623

District courts, 20-158

County expenses, 20-348, 20-349

Diversion from fund, 79-2934

Division of conservation, state department of agriculture, 2-1907c

Exemptions from budget law, 79-2925

City vehicle license revenue, 12-146

Energy conservation measures, 75-37,125

Expenditures, investment of municipal funds as, 12-1672

Extension councils, 2-610

Federal aid,

Expenditure outside of, 12-1663

Reimbursed expense, 12-1663


County clerk, 79-2930

Director of accounts and reports, 79-2930

Validity of tax levies not affected, 79-2933

Financial statement, filing, 79-2930

Fire Districts, this index

Five-year capital improvement and facilities plans, state, 75-3717b

Gifts and bequests, exemption, 79-2925

Governor's budget report, 75-3715, 75-3720, 75-3721

Grants-in-aid to libraries, state librarian, 75-2561

Health boards, 65-208

Hearing, 79-2929

Amended budget, 79-2929a

Objections of taxpayers, 79-2929

Revenue neutral rate, exceeding, 79-2988

Time, 79-2933

Hospitals, cities of second class, exemptions, 14-6,112

Increase in, election, 79-1964, 79-2930

Indebtedness in excess of budget, 79-2935, 79-2936

Investment of municipal funds, 12-1672

Itemized budget, 79-2927

Johnson county park district, 19-2876

Law enforcement agency, county, 19-4421, 19-4443, 19-4443a

Legal services corporations, 22-4514a

Legislative Budget Committee, generally, this index


Advice and assistance of director of budget, 75-3715

Hearings on tentative budget, 75-3718a

Libraries, 12-1215

Limitation on operating expenses, 79-2930

Local ad valorem tax reduction fund, estimated receipts, 79-2960 et seq.

Metropolitan transit authority, 12-2830

Motor vehicle tax receipts, 79-5111

Municipal budgets, 79-2925 et seq.

Account of each fund, 79-2934

Adoption, 79-2930, 79-2933

Amendment, 79-2929a, 79-2933

Clerical errors, 79-2929a

Proposed budget, 79-2929

Amount of tax levies expressed in dollars, 79-2963

Appropriation for each fund, 79-2934

Balance in fund, carrying forward to ensuing budget year, 79-2934

Balanced budget, 79-2927

Cities of second class, commission government, 14-1307

Cities of third class, commission government, 15-1407

Consolidated cities, 12-331a

Energy conservation measures, 75-37,125

Forms, 79-2926, 79-2929

Funds, 79-2934

Hospitals, cities of second class, extension of territorial limits, 14-696

Indebtedness in excess of budget, 79-2935, 79-2936


Amended budget, 79-2929a

Meeting for taxpayers' objection, 79-2929

Revenue neutral rate, exceeding, 79-2988

Tax levies expressed in dollars, 79-2963

Preparation of,

Time prescribed, 79-2927

Validity of tax levies not affected, 79-2933

Public employees' retirement system, contributions, 74-4920


Forms, 79-2929

Proof of, filing, 79-2930

Validity of tax levies not affected, 79-2933

Reimbursed expense, 79-2934

Revenue neutral rate, 79-2988

Taxpayer notification costs fund, 79-2989

Revolving funds, exemption, 79-2925

Rural water districts, 82a-610, 82a-621

School District Finance and Quality Performance Act, generally, this index

School districts, 72-1162, 72-1163, 79-2927a

Bonded debt retirement,

Budget and tax levies, 72-642

Disorganized district, 72-642

Certification to state board, 72-5137

Credit and distribution of funds prior to January 1, 79-2934

Disorganized districts, 72-635

Federal aid, 12-1663

Indebtedness in excess of budget, 79-2935, 79-2936

Limitations, election for increase, 79-1964

Local option budget, 72-5143, 72-5144

Needs assessment, 72-1163

Notice of, 72-1163

Profile, 72-1164

Summary of, 72-1163

Unexpended moneys, 79-2927a

Unified districts,

Certification, 72-1162

Workers compensation, 44-505e

Shawnee county, 79-2925a

Special bridge fund, 68-1135

State agencies, prerogatives of executive and legislative, 75-3717a

State budget, 75-3714a et seq.

Allotment of funds, 75-3725

Biennial estimates, certain agencies, 75-3717

Budget division, 75-3714a et seq.

Budget process, performance based budgeting system, 75-3718b

Children's budget document, 75-3721

College of veterinary medicine at Kansas state university, separate agency therefor, 75-3717c

Continuous planning, 75-3718

Energy conservation improvements, adjustments for, 75-37,113

Estimates, budget information, 75-3717

Capital improvements, 75-3717b

Homeland security, other safety or security purposes, 75-3717

Services for children and families, 75-3717

Extension systems and agriculture research programs of Kansas state university, separate state agency therefor, 75-3717d

Governor, incoming, assistance, 75-132 et seq., 75-3719

Hearings, 75-3718

Homeland security budget document, 75-3721

Judicial branch,

Governor's budget report, inclusion, 75-3721

Preparation, 20-158

Submission, not subject to revision, 75-3718

Pooled money investment board, separate state agency, 75-3717e

Preparation, 75-3715, 75-3716

Forms, 75-3716

State budget director, 75-3714a et seq.

Civil service classifications, use, 75-2938

School retirement, 74-4939

State pay plan, use, 75-2938

State librarian, grants-in-aid to libraries, 75-2561

Tax delinquency percentage allowance, 79-2930

Urban areas, taxing districts, 12-1669, 12-1670

Water Plan Act,

Projected costs, annual request, 82a-920

Weed control and eradication, cities, 2-1318


Access, individuals with a disability, 58-1301 et seq.

Enforcement, 58-1304

Apartment Ownership Act, this index

Attorney general, investigations, 75-718

Bids for projects, mistakes, procedures, 75-6901 et seq.

Children's treatment center, 76-6b05


Building codes,

Adoption, 12-3301 et seq.

Residential sprinkler prohibition, 12-16,129

Municipal Buildings and Grounds, this index

Refrigerants, regulation of, 12-16,220

Colleges and Universities, this index

Community building district, 15-11b01 et seq.

Contractors, this index

Nonresident, taxes, 79-1008 et seq.

Counties, this index

Crimes and punishments,

Moving on highways, 17-1918, 17-1920

Removal from mortgaged property, 58-2317

Dangerous structures,

Removal by city, 12-1755

Payment of cost, 12-1755

Special assessments, collection of, 12-1,115

Repair or removal, notice and hearing, 12-1752

Defined, Apartment Ownership Act, 58-3102

Disabilities, individuals with, 58-1301 et seq.

Eminent domain, stone from quarries, 26-401, 26-402

Energy efficiency standards, 66-1227, 66-1228

Disclosure, 66-1228

Fire districts, townships, 80-1513, 80-1514

Fire protection, 31-132 et seq.

Building codes, compliance, 31-134a

Hazardous locations. Hazardous Materials and Locations, generally, this index

Health building, 65-204

Industrial districts, planning and construction, 19-3808

Industrial Revenue Bonds, generally, this index

Kansas Development Finance Authority Act, generally, this index

Landlord and tenant, 58-2501

Libraries, this index

Mobile Homes, generally, this index

Mortgages, removal, 58-2315 et seq.

Moving on highways, roads, 17-1914 et seq.

Municipal Buildings and Grounds, generally, this index

Public building commission. Municipalities, this index

Public buildings and public areas,

Access, individuals with a disability, 58-1301 et seq.

Bids for projects, mistakes, procedures, 75-6901 et seq.

Concealed handguns, possession in, 75-7c20

Contracts for construction or repair,

Discrimination, 44-1030 et seq.

Retention of moneys, satisfactory completion, 75-6909

Counties. See subhead Buildings under Counties, this index

Energy conservation, improvements, standards, audits, 75-37,125 et seq.

Gas stoves,

Connections, 36-131 et seq.

Vents, 36-516

Interference with public business, Criminal Code, 21-5922

Municipal Buildings and Grounds, this index

Persons with a disability, access to, 58-1301 et seq.

Smoking prohibited, 21-6109 et seq.

State Capitol, this index

State Office Buildings and Grounds, this index

Vending facilities, 75-3339 et seq.

Pyrotechnics, prohibited in certain buildings, 31-170

Removal from mortgaged property, 58-2315 et seq.

Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, 58-2540 et seq.

School Buildings and Grounds, generally, this index

Standards, persons with a disability, 58-1301 et seq.

State Capitol, generally, this index

State Office Buildings and Grounds, generally, this index

Tax sales, county acquired lands, removal, 79-2804f

Taxable property, 79-102

Townhouse ownership act, 58-3701 et seq.

Veterans, curators for, investment, 73-512


Cemetery lots, 17-1322


Evidence, this index


Agents, 75-711

Appointments subject to confirmation, background investigations, 75-712

Asset seizure and forfeiture act, Kansas standard, 60-4101 et seq.

Asset seizure and forfeiture repository, 60-4127

Duties, 60-4127

Report to legislature, 60-4127

Associate director and assistant directors, 75-711

Attorney general, division, 75-711, 75-712

Biological samples, 21-2511

Civil actions, defense by state, 75-4360

Civil service status, 75-711

Compensation, 75-711

Criminal history record check, 2-3902, 2-3906, 2-3907, 75-712

Qualified entities, 75-712i

Rap back program, 75-712j

Criminal identification, 21-2501 et seq.

Criminal justice coordinating council, 74-9501

Criminal justice information system, 74-5701 et seq.

Criminal justice information system central repository, 22-4705

Disposition information, 22-3439

Criminal justice information system line fund, 74-5707

Death of prisoner in custody of city or county, investigation, 19-1935

Deputy director, 75-711

Director, 75-711

Appointment and confirmation, 75-711

Assistants, 75-711

Criminal history record information, release of, immunity, 22-4710

Criminal justice coordinating council, membership, 74-9501

Criminal justice information system committee, member of, 74-5701

Deputy director, associate director, assistant directors, 75-711

Kansas commission on peace officers' standards and training,

Member ex officio, 74-5606

Kansas criminal justice information system,

Criminal justice information system line fund, 74-5707

Law enforcement officers memorial, 75-2250

Advisory committee, 75-2251

Law enforcement training commission, member, ex officio, 74-5606

DNA databank and DNA database, 21-2511

DNA database fee, court costs, 75-724

Expenditures, authorized purposes, 75-724

Fund, 75-724

Drug screening program, 75-4362

Drug trends,

Consultation with pharmacy board, 75-722

Report to legislature, 75-722

Duties, 75-712

Employees, 75-711

Expenses, 75-711

Federal funds, 75-712

Fingerprints, 2-3902, 2-3906, 2-3907, 21-2511, 65-2924, 75-7241

Forensic laboratory and materials fee fund, 8-241, 28-176

Forfeiture fund, state, 60-4117

Gifts, grants, and donations, 75-712

Inmates and juveniles in state facilities, investigation of deaths, reports, 75-52,147

Insurance, purchase for aircraft, 75-712e

Investigation of death of prisoner in custody of city or county, 19-1935

Juvenile offender, specimen collection, 21-2511

Kansas criminal justice information system,

Criminal justice information system line fund, 74-5707

Law enforcement officers, memorial to, 75-2250

Life insurance, optional death benefit plan, 74-4927e

Missing and unidentified persons, 75-712b

Duties of law enforcement agencies, 75-712c

Elderly persons, Silver alert plan, Kansas, 75-754

Information clearinghouse, 75-712d

System, gift, grants and bequests, 75-712b

Motor Fuel Tax Law enforcement, 79-3419

National crime prevention and privacy compact, 22-5001

Oaths of office, 75-711

Parimutuel Racing, this index

Records and offenses, 21-2501

Access authorized to secretary for children and families, 75-53,105

Disclosure, penalties, 75-53,105

Records of offenses, 21-2501a

Retirement and pensions,

Abolition of pension board, 74-4986a

Amortization of accrued liability, 74-4986c

Continuation in present system, 74-4982

Contributions after transfer, 74-4986c

Credit of, contribution upon transfer, 74-4986a

Entry into police and firemen's system, 74-4979 et seq.

Optional death benefit plan, eligibility, 74-4927e

Termination of membership, 74-4982

Rules and regulations,

Asset seizure and forfeiture repository, 60-4127

Preliminary screening devices, oral fluid, 75-712h

Scap metal theft reduction act,

Database, 50-6,109a

Scrap metal data repository fund, 50-6,109a

Security clearances, state positions with information technology access, 75-3707e


Crimes and Punishments, this index


Cemeteries and Cemetery Companies, generally, this index

Cremation of dead bodies, authorization required, 65-2426a

Penalty for violation, 65-2426a

Mausoleums or vaults, approval of plans, 17-1324 et seq.

Prearranged funeral and burial agreements, 16-301 et seq.

Unmarked burial sites preservation act, 75-2741 et seq.

State Historical Society, generally, this index


See, also, Transit Systems, generally, this index

Brakes, 8-1734

Church bus, 8-1730a

Overtaking and passing, 8-1556a

Coasting prohibited, traffic regulations, 8-1580

Coordinated transit districts act, 75-5051 et seq.

Day care program, 8-1730a

Overtaking and passing, 8-1556a

Exemption from Motor Carrier Law, 66-1,109

Flares, 8-1744, 8-1745

Local urban transit buses, fees, 8-143

Metropolitan transit authority, 12-2801 et seq.

Municipally owned bus service, 12-801 et seq.

Red lanterns, reflectors and flags, 8-1744, 8-1745

Reflectors, 8-1710 et seq.

Registration fees, 8-143

Safety glass, 8-1743

Safety requirements, 8-1909

School Buses, this index

Speed, 8-1558

Warning lamps, 8-1722

Width of vehicle, 8-1902


Defined, labor organizations, 44-802

Employee organizations, 75-4336

Labor organizations, 44-802 et seq.


See, also, Commerce, State Department of, generally, this index; Labor and Employment, generally, this index

Bioscience development and programs. Bioscience Authority Act, generally, this index

Business improvement districts, 12-1781 et seq.

Center for entrepreneurship, 74-99c01 et seq.

Centers of excellence, generally, 74-8103 et seq.

COVID-19 response and reopening for business liability protection act, 60-5501 et seq.

Development credit corporations, 17-2328 et seq.

Disaster emergency, closure or cessation of business or commercial activity, 48-925a

Economic Development, generally, this index

Export Finance Act, Kansas, generally, this index

Forms and documents required by state, 74-5037 et seq.

IMPACT act, 74-50,102 et seq.

Industrial development, bonds, 12-1740 et seq., 12-3801 et seq.


Bioscience tax investment incentives, 74-99b51 et seq.

Kansas Statewide Risk Capital System, generally, this index

Venture Capital Company Act, Kansas, generally, this index

Jurisdiction, submitting to, transacting business, 60-308

Kansas, Inc., generally, this index

Married persons, 23-2604

Monopolies and Unfair Trade, generally, this index

Nonprofit corporations for promotion of industry, 17-1722, 17-1723

Prison-made goods, sale to state agencies, 75-5273 et seq.

Seed Capital, Local Pools, generally, this index

Technology Enterprise Corporation, Kansas, generally, this index

Trade, Board of, generally, this index

Trading stamps, 21-2801 et seq.

Urban renewal, contracts, 17-4750


Business entity transactions act,

Alternative means of approval, 17-78-108

Appraisal rights, 17-78-109

Business interest exchange,

Agreements, 17-78-302

Approval, 17-78-303

Certification of, 17-78-305

Termination, 17-78-304

Authorization, 17-78-301

Effect of exchange, 17-78-306

Conversion of business entity,

Agreements, 17-78-402

Amendment, termination of, 17-78-404

Approval, 17-78-403

Authorization, 17-78-401

Certificate of conversion, 17-78-405

Effect of, 17-78-406

Definitions, 17-78-102

Documents, filed,

Correcting, 17-78-603

Evidentiary effect, 17-78-604

Domestication agreements,

Amendment, termination of, 17-78-504

Approval, 17-78-503

Authorization, 17-78-501

Certificate of domestication, 17-78-505

Contents, 17-78-502

Effects, 17-78-506

Electronic signatures in global and national commerce act, superseded, 17-78-606

Exclusions from act, 17-78-110

Filing requirement, 17-78-601

Forms, 17-78-602



Contents, 17-78-202

Termination, 17-78-204

Approval, 17-78-203

Authorized types, 17-78-201

Certification of, 17-78-205

Effects of, 17-78-206

Notice, approval, mergers, 17-78-104

Relationship to other laws, 17-78-103

Status of filings under act, 17-78-105

Title of act, 17-78-101


Proprietary schools. Under Schools and School Districts, this index


Generally, 17-2027 et seq.

Actions, 17-2037

Applications for extension for filing income tax return, confidentiality, 17-2036

Authority to transact business, surrender, 17-2037

Creation prior to act, application of law, 17-2029

Deeds and conveyances, 17-2037

Definitions, 17-2028

Fee, business entity information report, 17-2036

Fees, 17-2031

Amending trust instrument, 17-2033

Commencing business, 17-2031

Fiduciary security transfers, Uniform Act, 17-4903 et seq.

Filings with secretary of state, 17-2030, 17-2031

Fines and penalties, 17-2036

Franchise taxes,

Imposition, 79-5401

Joint and several liability, trustees, 17-2032

Limitation of actions, 17-2037

Liquidation, 17-2037

Organization, definition, 84-1-201

Personal liability,

Certificate holders, 17-2028

Trustees, 17-2032

Place of business, 17-2030

Powers and duties, 17-2034

Process, 17-2030

Property real and personal, 17-2035

Recordation, trust instrument, 17-2031

Amendment, 17-2033

Reports and statements, 17-2035, 17-2036

Service of process, 17-2030, 17-2035

Simplification of fiduciary security transfers, 17-4903 et seq.

Trust instruments, 17-2030

Amendments, 17-2033

Construction, 17-2034

Uniform Act for Simplification of Fiduciary Security Transfers, 17-4903 et seq.

Withdrawal from business, 17-2037


Boundaries, 18-108

County buildings, financing of, sales tax, 12-187 et seq.

Public safety projects, roadway construction,

Financing of, sales tax, 12-187, 12-189


Dairies and Dairy Products, this index


Designation and marking, 68-1017, 68-1018

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