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Dec. 5, 2023
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Senate Bills and Resolutions in Committee:

Agriculture and Natural Resources - 3 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB71 Requiring the secretary of agriculture to establish a division of sustainable agriculture that shall apply for federal grant funds under the greenhouse gas reduction fund to assist farmers in converting to renewable energy and sustainable agriculture practices.
SB105 Authorizing the Kansas department of wildlife and parks to purchase land in Jewell county.
HB2047 Increasing the amortization period on loans from the Kansas water pollution control revolving fund.

Assessment and Taxation - 42 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB4 Providing for a sales tax exemption for construction or repair of buildings used for human habitation by the Kansas state school for the blind and the Kansas state school for the deaf.
SB7 Reducing income tax rates for resident individuals domiciled in a rural equity decline county.
SB21 Providing an annual sales tax holiday for sales of certain school supplies.
SB22 Providing a sales tax exemption for certain purchases and sales by the Johnson county Christmas bureau association.
SB29 Providing a back-to-school sales tax holiday for sales of school supplies, computers and clothing.
SB52 Increasing the income limit for the exemption of social security benefits and exempting certain retirement plan income from Kansas income tax.
SB56 Increasing the income limit for the income tax subtraction modification for social security income.
SB57 Establishing a 0% state rate for sales and use taxes for food and food ingredients, providing a sales tax exemption for children's diapers and feminine hygiene products, establishing the STAR bonds food sales tax revenue replacement fund and altering the calculation for STAR bond districts.
SB58 Providing a sales tax exemption for certain purchases by disabled veterans.
SB61 Providing an income tax rate of 5% for individuals and corporations, decreasing the surtax for entities subject to the privilege tax and providing that future income tax rate decreases be contingent on exceeding revenue estimates.
SB79 Authorizing counties to impose an earnings tax.
SB89 Providing for sales tax exemption for feminine hygiene products and diapers.
SB101 Providing a sales tax exemption for area agencies on aging.
SB110 Exempting all social security benefits from Kansas income tax.
SB124 Allowing a Kansas itemized deduction for wagering losses for income tax purposes.
SB125 Allowing income tax net operating loss carryback from the sale of certain historic hotels.
SB129 Providing a sales tax exemption for purchases of personal property or services by doorstep, inc.
SB136 Providing a tax credit for the installation of certain water conservation systems in newly constructed houses.
SB164 Providing a $2,000 tax credit for qualified employees of licensed child care facilities.
SB168 Authorizing cities and counties to exempt sales of food and food ingredients from sales taxes levied by such city or county.
SB178 Requiring judicial foreclosure tax sales by public auction to be held in person at a physical location in the county.
SB179 Providing that payment of special assessments for years other than the year being redeemed is not required for purposes of partial redemption of homesteads with delinquent property taxes.
SB196 Reinstating transfers to the local ad valorem tax reduction fund (LAVTRF).
SB227 Allowing a retailer to retain the state rate of sales and compensating use tax from movie ticket sales and concession sales.
SB230 Enacting the Kansas thrift savings plan act and establishing terms, conditions, requirements, membership elections, accounts, benefits, contributions and distributions related to such act.
SB247 Providing a sales tax exemption for purchases by a not-for-profit corporation operating a community theater.
SB264 Increasing the income tax credit amount for household and dependent care expenses.
SB274 Requiring the use of the cost approach for special purpose property for property tax valuation purposes.
SB299 Providing a Kansas exemption for state income tax purposes for an unborn child with a detectable heartbeat.
SB306 Including losses from investments in technology-enabled fiduciary financial institutions in Kansas adjusted gross income for income tax purposes.
SCR1604 Proposing to amend section 1 of article 11 of the constitution of the state of Kansas to limit property tax valuation increases for residential property.
SCR1604 Proposing to amend section 1 of article 11 of the constitution of the state of Kansas to limit property tax valuation increases for residential property.
HB2026 Requiring the secretary of revenue to file release of tax warrants in the county where the warrant is docketed after payment of taxes owed.
HB2036 Creating a property tax exemption for retired and disabled veterans.
HB2176 Creating the Arkansas city area public library district act and the Udall area public library district act, requiring an election for the creation of such district and authorizing unified school districts No. 470 and 463 to levy a tax on behalf of such library district.
HB2229 Providing a deduction from sales or compensating use tax when selling and buying different motor vehicles within 180 days.
HB2232 Granting the director of property valuation the authority to develop qualifying courses for county appraisers to be registered mass appraisers.
HB2254 Amending the definition of land devoted to agricultural use for property tax purposes to include properties used as part of registered agritourism activities.
HB2317 Providing that certain tax notices and statements may be transmitted by electronic means by the county treasurer and county appraiser if consented to by the taxpayer.
HB2416 Providing for a sales tax exemption for area agencies on aging and purchases made by Kansas suicide prevention HQ, inc.
HB2421 Providing countywide retailers' sales tax authority for Grant county.
HB2465 Clarifying the determination of taxable income and providing for the passing through of tax credits to electing pass-through entity owners for purposes of the salt parity act.

Commerce - 16 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB38 Increasing the maximum compensation benefits payable by an employer for permanent total disability suffered by an injured employee.
SB47 Prohibiting cities and counties from regulating consumer merchandise and auxiliary containers for the consumption, transportation or protection of consumer merchandise.
SB70 Enacting the making work pay act to increase the Kansas minimum wage.
SB140 Allowing cites, counties or other local units of government to raise the minimum wage by ordinance, resolution or law.
SB159 Creating the Kansas rural grocery store development incentive act to provide tax incentives for the development of grocery businesses in rural areas of the state.
SB165 Permitting workers compensation benefits for first responders who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.
SB282 Establishing child care licensing requirements relating to license capacity and staff-to-child ratios, eliminating certain license fees and training requirements, permitting a 16 year-old staff member to staff a unit with children at least 12 months old without supervision, creating a process for day care facility licensees to apply for temporary waiver of certain statutory requirements and authorizing the secretary to develop and operate pilot programs to increase day care facility availability or capacity.
SB325 Establishing the transformation of passenger and freight vehicle industry program to attract businesses engaged in electric motor vehicle and hydrogen-powered vehicle production by offering qualified companies that meet certain requirements an investment tax credit, retention of a percentage of total payroll tax, reimbursement of a percentage of eligible employee training and education expenses and a sales tax exemption for construction costs of the qualified company’s qualified business facility.
HB2275 Increasing the maximum amount of yearly income tax credits available for purchases under the disability employment act from qualified vendors, continuing in existence such credits beyond tax year 2023 of eligible purchases available for such credit and further defining qualifying vendors and employees eligible for the credit, establishing a grant program to facilitate transitions by employers to minimum wage employment for persons with disabilities and creating the Kansas sheltered workshop transition fund.
HB2331 Designating Lehigh Portland state park.
HB2387 Providing funding for STAR bond districts to replace lost food sales tax revenue, authorizing renovation and construction costs for historic theaters and major amusement parks, including amusement rides, as eligible STAR bond project costs, extending the deadline for the STAR bond report to certain legislative committees, and increasing the financing limit for pay-as-you-go funding for rural redevelopment projects.
HB2388 Requiring that licensing bodies provide paper-based and verified electronic credentials to credential holders, including military servicemembers and others receiving Kansas credentials based on their credentials from other jurisdictions, that the secretary of administration develop and implement an electronic license verification system, that centralized electronic credential data management systems be established with instant verification systems operated by licensing bodies and excepting the certification of law enforcement officers from all provisions of the amended section.
HB2400 Enacting the Kansas adult learner grant act to facilitate workforce development by providing grants and workforce retention incentive tax credits to adults who pursue baccalaureate degrees from eligible postsecondary educational institutions in certain fields of study.
HB2401 Defining "benefit year" and "temporary unemployment" in the employment security law, allowing the extension of temporary unemployment; requiring electronic report filing by certain employers, permitting discretion in appointments and terms for the temporary employment security board of review, delaying new account formation after certain business acquisitions, requiring the new unemployment insurance system to allow employer reports regarding claimant compliance and authorizing the legislative coordinating council to extend new system implementation deadlines.
HB2414 Substitute for HB 2414 by Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development - Developing postsecondary engineering programs, providing scholarships for engineering students at certain public and private institutions of higher education by establishing a matching grant program to be administered by the secretary of commerce and creating the engineering graduate incentive fund.
HB2446 Prohibiting cities and counties from regulating plastic and other containers designed for the consumption, transportation or protection of merchandise, food or beverages.

Education - 28 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB31 Reapportioning the districts of certain members of the Washburn university board of regents who are appointed by the city of Topeka.
SB32 Authorizing the Kansas state high school activities association to establish a school classification system based on student attendance and other factors.
SB48 Authorizing community college and technical college appointments to the postsecondary technical education authority and establishing the length of membership terms.
SB84 Including individuals who receive a high school equivalency (HSE) credential in performance-based payments for certain postsecondary educational institutions.
SB102 Establishing residency criteria for students of technical colleges.
SB109 Deeming certain refugees as residents of the state for the purposes of tuition and fees at postsecondary educational institutions.
SB122 Removing the sunset for the high-density at-risk student weighting under the Kansas school equity and enhancement act.
SB145 Requiring statutory due process procedures for a school district's non-renewal or termination of a teacher contract.
SB167 Requiring certain school district employees to receive training for seizure recognition and related first aid.
SB184 Requiring nonpublic schools to participate in certain assessments and publish on their website performance accountability reports and longitudinal achievement reports.
SB185 Authorizing school districts to include a teacher representative and a student representative as non-voting members of its board of education.
SB207 Requiring policies for and establishing restrictions on school districts with regard to the use of an individual's pronouns if such pronouns differ from the individual's biological sex.
SB226 Authorizing educational agencies to disclose student data for the purpose of conducting research contracted for by an educational agency.
SB231 Providing postsecondary tuition assistance to certain children of qualifying public school teachers.
SB255 Requiring school districts to provide separate accommodations for students of each biological sex on overnight school sponsored trips.
SB304 Authorizing the state board of education to establish a new unified school district, if necessary, for the attachment of territory of a school district disorganized via voter petition and providing for administrative and judicial review of resolutions to permanently close a public school building.
SB316 Authorizing a comprehensive grant program for not-for-profit independent institutions of higher education to be administered by the treasurer.
SCR1608 Urging the adoption of a student bill of rights.
SCR1608 Urging the adoption of a student bill of rights.
HB2132 Expanding the eligible fields of study and establishing a maximum scholarship amount for certain private postsecondary educational institutions in the Kansas promise scholarship act.
HCR5004 Urging the U.S. Congress to fully fund the federal government's original funding promise under the individuals with disabilities education act.
HCR5004 Urging the U.S. Congress to fully fund the federal government's original funding promise under the individuals with disabilities education act.
HCR5004 Urging the U.S. Congress to fully fund the federal government's original funding promise under the individuals with disabilities education act.
HCR5004 Urging the U.S. Congress to fully fund the federal government's original funding promise under the individuals with disabilities education act.
HCR5004 Urging the U.S. Congress to fully fund the federal government's original funding promise under the individuals with disabilities education act.
HCR5004 Urging the U.S. Congress to fully fund the federal government's original funding promise under the individuals with disabilities education act.
HCR5004 Urging the U.S. Congress to fully fund the federal government's original funding promise under the individuals with disabilities education act.
HCR5004 Urging the U.S. Congress to fully fund the federal government's original funding promise under the individuals with disabilities education act.

Federal and State Affairs - 63 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB1 Prohibiting internet social media terms of service that permit censorship of speech and making violations subject to civil fines under the Kansas consumer protection act.
SB36 Amending the definition of ancestry in the Kansas act against discrimination to include traits historically associated with ancestry, including hair texture and protective hairstyles.
SB64 Prohibiting certain statewide elected officials from receiving income from outside employment while holding such statewide office.
SB65 Authorizing cities and counties to enact local laws to regulate abortion as stringent as or more stringent than state law.
SB69 Imposing requirements for reapportionment legislation.
SB77 Authorizing the Kansas human rights commission or any city or county to remove an unlawful restrictive covenant by recording a redacted plat or declaration.
SB92 Creating a procedure for appointment of delegates to a convention of the states under Article V of the Constitution of the United States and prescribing the duties and responsibilities of such delegates.
SB93 Creating the constitution and federalism defense act to establish a joint legislative commission to evaluate the constitutionality of federal mandates.
SB99 Establishing the advisory commission on Asian-American Pacific Islander affairs.
SB117 Authorizing the state historical society to convey certain real property to the Shawnee Tribe.
SB133 Providing for the enforcement of donor-imposed restrictions on philanthropic gifts of endowment funds or property to charitable organizations.
SB134 Adding members to the commission on peace officers' standards and training and requiring the new members to be appointed with a preference to increase diversity.
SB135 Creating the medical cannabis regulation act to regulate the cultivation, processing, distribution, sale and use of medical cannabis.
SB156 Repealing statutes that prohibit, limit and otherwise restrict municipal regulation of firearms.
SB157 Designating February 15 of each year as Susan B. Anthony Day in the state of Kansas.
SB171 Creating the veterans first medical cannabis act to regulate the cultivation, distribution, sale, possession and use of medical cannabis.
SB177 Declaring Juneteenth National Independence Day to be a legal public holiday and closing state offices for certain legal public holidays.
SB197 Allowing voters to register on election day.
SB200 Limiting the number of terms a legislator may serve as speaker of the house of representatives or president of the senate.
SB202 Enacting the Kansas ranked-choice voting act to establish the use of the ranked-choice method of voting for elections in this state.
SB218 Requiring county election officers to assign registered voters whose residence has no corresponding mailing address to the voting precinct where the residence of such voter is located.
SB220 Establishing uniform requirements for all advance voting ballot envelopes.
SB222 Removing liability protections from online platforms and requiring certain wireless communication devices to have a default setting notifying parents of application downloads.
SB223 Changing the candidate filing deadline and the primary election date to two months earlier than current law, increasing campaign contribution limits and modifying restrictions on campaign activities during legislative sessions.
SB224 Enacting the Kansas protection of pensions and businesses against ideological interference act, relating to ideological boycotts involving environmental, social or governance standards, requiring KPERS to divest from and prohibiting state contracts or the deposit of state moneys with entities engaged in such boycotts as determined by the state treasurer and prohibiting discriminatory practices in the financial services industry based on such boycotts.
SB249 Providing for the filling of a vacancy in the officer of state treasurer and commissioner of insurance by statewide party delegate convention.
SB250 Removing state department fees for concealed-carry licenses.
SB251 Providing sampling rules for alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverages for spirits distributors, wine distributors and beer distributors in regard to the amount of products used for samples for distributors, retailers and club and drinking establishment licensees.
SB253 Authorizing home delivery by licensed retailers, licensed clubs and drinking establishments and restaurants and third-party delivery services.
SB254 Providing for the filling of a vacancy in the office of United States senator by a statewide party delegate convention.
SB257 Requiring that closed captioning be enabled on televisions and television receivers in public areas of places of public accommodation.
SB259 Prohibiting the use of ballot copies for purposes of any audit or recount of an election, setting a 7:00 p.m. deadline for receipt of advance mail ballots, requiring the use of paper ballots and hand counting, establishing legislative oversight, requiring that certain ballot records and all election records be publicly available and mandating use of a uniform paper for ballot printing.
SB260 Prohibiting remote ballot boxes, providing for reporting and publication of voting results and public access to voting records and materials, limiting advance voting provisions and requiring receipt of advance voting ballots by election day, limiting the size of precincts, making the general election a state holiday, providing that the sheriff has sole jurisdiction for and shall provide security at voting places, establishing the authority of the legislature over elections with preeminence over rules and regulations of the secretary of state and federal election law and making certain election crimes felonies.
SB262 Requiring voting and vote tabulation by hand and prohibiting electronic poll books or electronic or electromechanical voting or tabulation systems after January 1, 2024, mandating legislative approval of certain election matters and providing for the reporting of vote counts to the secretary of state and publication of the vote counts by the secretary.
SB268 Eliminating the statutory qualifications listed for the chief inspector for boiler safety appointed by the state fire marshal.
SB269 Exempting charitable raffle prizes of alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverages from the Kansas liquor control act, the club and drinking establishment act and the Kansas cereal malt beverage act.
SB276 Specifying the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration amount for final hemp products and allowing certain hemp products to be manufactured, marketed, sold or distributed.
SB285 Eliminating the senate confirmation requirement from the appointment of national guard officers.
SB286 Prohibiting abortion procedures except when necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman and providing a private cause of action for civil enforcement of such prohibition.
SB290 Requiring a presidential preference primary election to be held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in May every fourth year and changing the primary election date for all primary elections to the first Tuesday following the first Monday in May.
SB293 Crediting tax revenue generated from wagers made on historical horse races to the horse breeding development fund and the horse fair racing benefit fund.
SB296 Prohibiting persons in charge of a building from requiring off-duty police officers carrying a concealed handgun from providing certain personal information or wearing anything identifying such persons as a law enforcement officer or as being armed.
SB310 Creating the medical cannabis regulation act to regulate the cultivation, processing, distribution, sale and use of medical cannabis.
SB321 Providing for a presidential preference primary election on March 19, 2024, and establishing voter registration and voting procedures for such election.
SB322 Authorizing any gaming compact regarding sports wagering to include provisions governing sports wagering outside the boundaries of Indian lands.
SB323 Providing for the election of county appraisers.
SCR1605 Proposing a constitutional amendment imposing term limits for state legislators.
SCR1605 Proposing a constitutional amendment imposing term limits for state legislators.
SCR1606 Constitutional amendment proposing the Kansas Citizen Involvement Amendment to reserve the powers of initiative and referendum to the citizens of Kansas.
SCR1606 Constitutional amendment proposing the Kansas Citizen Involvement Amendment to reserve the powers of initiative and referendum to the citizens of Kansas.
SCR1609 Making application to the Congress of the United States to call a convention of the states to establish term limits for members of Congress.
SCR1609 Making application to the Congress of the United States to call a convention of the states to establish term limits for members of Congress.
HB2056 Requiring all advance voting ballots to be returned by 7 p.m. on election day.
HB2124 Allowing businesses to sell cereal malt beverage by the drink on Sundays without requiring that 30% of such businesses’ gross receipts be derived from the sale of food.
HB2291 Permitting food establishments to allow dogs in outside areas and microbreweries to allow dogs in outside and inside areas, allowing microbreweries to sell beer with a limited alcohol content as cereal malt beverage.
HB2314 Prohibiting the use of the social media platform TikTok on state-owned devices and on any state network.
HB2376 Prohibiting the recording of any restrictive covenant that violates the Kansas act against discrimination and authorizing the removal of such covenants from existing documents, and prohibiting city or county laws prohibiting discrimination that are more restrictive than state law.
HB2378 Authorizing the secretary of administration on behalf of the Kansas department for aging and disability services to convey lands in Shawnee county to the Kansas commission on veterans affairs.
HB2412 Removing state agency fees for concealed-carry licenses.
HB2422 Eliminating the statutory qualifications listed for the chief inspector for boiler safety appointed by the state fire marshal.
HB2436 Enacting the Kansas public investments and contracts protection act concerning environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, prohibiting the state and political subdivisions from giving preferential treatment to or discriminating against companies based on such ESG criteria in procuring or letting contracts, requiring KPERS fiduciaries to act solely in the financial interest of the participants and beneficiaries of the system, restricting state agencies from adopting ESG criteria or requiring any person or business to operate in accordance with such criteria and providing for enforcement of such act by the attorney general.
HB2438 Eliminating the instructor-coordinator's certificate requirement associated with the teaching of emergency medical services courses.
HB2439 Requiring notification to patients that the effects of a medication abortion may be reversible.

Financial Institutions and Insurance - 12 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB16 Discontinuing certain exemptions from the pharmacy benefits manager act.
SB51 Authorizing the state bank commissioner to accept state and national criminal history record checks from private entities.
SB62 Enacting the protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation act, requiring reporting of instances of suspected financial exploitation under certain circumstances and providing civil and administrative immunity to individuals who make such reports.
SB76 Providing for an exemption from continuing education licensure requirements for certain insurance producers.
SB199 Authorizing the state banking board to deny, suspend or revoke a charter of a fiduciary financial institution in certain circumstances, requiring fiduciary financial institutions to purchase a surety bond and establishing a civil money penalty for violations of the technology-enabled fiduciary financial institutions act.
SB204 Replacing the definition of "charitable beneficiaries" with "qualified charities" in the technology-enabled fiduciary financial institutions act.
SB236 Requiring drug manufacturers to provide pricing under the federal 340B drug pricing program to pharmacies that enter into contractual agreements with entities covered under the 340B program and prohibiting pharmacy benefits managers from denying patients the freedom to use the pharmacy and healthcare provider of such patient's choice.
SB245 Enacting the commercial financing disclosure act, requiring certain disclosures when making commercial financing product transactions, requiring registration with state bank commissioner, obtaining a surety bond, providing for civil penalties and rules and regulations by the commissioner and authorizing enforcement of such act by the attorney general.
SB256 Providing KPERS 3 members an additional interest credit of 1% for calendar year 2023.
SB302 Suspending fidfin transactions, custodial services and trust business of technology-enabled fiduciary financial institutions until the legislature expressly consents to and approves such activities by an act of the legislature and requiring the legislature to conduct a forensic audit of technology-enabled fiduciary financial institutions.
HB2105 Enacting the Kansas earned wage access services act, establishing requirements, duties and prohibitions for persons engaged in earned wage access services and providing for the administration of such act by the office of the state bank commissioner.
HB2247 Authorizing any person to become a bank depositor or safe deposit box leaseholder, providing methods in which bank deposits may be withdrawn and prohibiting banks from requiring a cosigner for an account of certain minors in the custody of the secretary for children and families, secretary of corrections or a federally recognized Indian tribe.

Judiciary - 54 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB2 Authorizing certain individuals with revoked driver’s licenses to be eligible for restricted driving privileges.
SB9 Adding tianeptine to schedule I of the uniform controlled substances act.
SB50 Prohibiting internet social media terms of service that permit censorship of speech.
SB72 Adding an exception to the hearsay rule to allow admission of statements made to a translator without the testimony of the translator.
SB74 Providing for joint liability for costs and sanctions in third-party funded litigation, requiring certain discovery disclosures and requiring payment of certain costs for nonparty subpoenas.
SB87 Requiring a duly ordained minister of religion to report certain abuse and neglect of children.
SB95 Permitting a prosecution for childhood sexual abuse to be commenced at any time, permitting victims of childhood sexual abuse to bring a civil action for recovery of damages caused by such abuse at any time and reviving claims against any party for such damages that occurred on or after July 1, 1984.
SB100 Prohibiting ownership in certain real property in this state by foreign individuals and entities.
SB107 Providing that family members of deceased crime victims have the right to sit in a designated seating area at or near the prosecution table during court proceedings.
SB108 Prohibiting motorcycle profiling by law enforcement agencies.
SB137 Creating the responsible gun ownership act and establishing the crime of unlawful storage of a firearm.
SB141 Requiring the attorney general to carry out certain duties related to investigating corruption committed by a public officer or public employee.
SB146 Requiring the attorney general to carry out certain duties related to investigating sexual abuse committed by a minister of religion.
SB149 Expanding the crime of promoting obscenity to minors to include drag performances.
SB158 Enacting the community defense and human trafficking reduction act to regulate sexually oriented businesses and human trafficking and to impose criminal penalties.
SB160 Require commercial entities that produce material harmful to minors on the internet to require age verification for access to such internet sites, establishing a civil cause of action against such commercial entities by persons harmed to recover actual and punitive damages, court costs and attorney fees.
SB170 Enacting the Kansas assistance animals in housing act, authorizing housing providers to require documentation of the need for an assistance animal and creating the crime of misrepresentation of entitlement to an assistance animal in housing.
SB182 Requiring a person convicted of an offense that resulted in the incapacitation or death of a victim who is the parent or guardian of a minor child to pay restitution in the form of child support.
SB183 Increasing the penalty for certain violations of criminal discharge of a firearm when a person was present in the dwelling, building, structure or motor vehicle at which the offender discharged a firearm.
SB186 Creating the crime of deprivation of rights under color of law and providing a civil action for victims.
SB187 Providing for payment of interest in civil actions for wrongful conviction and directing the attorney general to seek damages for the state from any person who knowingly contributed to the wrongful conviction and prosecute ouster and criminal proceedings as warranted.
SB188 Removing an affirmative defense for public, private and parochial schools from the crime of promotion to minors of material harmful to minors.
SB190 Requiring a waiver of extradition proceedings as a condition of release prior to trial for any person charged with a felony.
SB192 Providing for payment plans and waiver of fines for traffic fines and court costs, expanding the eligibility for restricted driving privileges, removing and delaying payment for certain fees and eliminating reinstatement of certain fees.
SB193 Enacting the reduce armed violence act to increase the criminal penalties for certain violations of criminal possession of a weapon by a convicted felon that involve firearms.
SB201 Prohibiting the expenditure of state moneys for the production or performance of drag shows for which minors are the primary audience.
SB211 Abolishing the death penalty and creating the crime of aggravated murder.
SB216 Adding possession or using a firearm during the commission of certain drug crimes to the crime of criminal use of weapons and creating a special sentencing rule of presumptive imprisonment for violations thereof.
SB237 Requiring a criminal conviction for civil asset forfeiture and proof beyond a reasonable doubt that property is subject to forfeiture, remitting proceeds to the state general fund and requiring law enforcement agencies to make forfeiture reports more frequently.
SB239 Providing that certain witnesses shall have the right to be accompanied by a support person during testimony and may be accompanied by a certified critical incident response therapy K9 team.
SB240 Amending the crime of aggravated endangering a child to increase the criminal penalties in certain environments where any person is distributing, possessing with intent to distribute, manufacturing or attempting to manufacture fentanyl-related controlled substances.
SB241 Requiring certain records and files to be automatically expunged from a juvenile's record.
SB242 Enacting the cold case homicide victims' families' rights act to provide for a system for reviewing the case files of cold case homicides upon written application by certain persons.
SB258 Enacting the act against abusive access litigation to create a civil action for determining whether litigation that alleges any access violation under the Americans with disabilities act or similar law constitutes abusive litigation and authorize penalties for such abusive litigation.
SB261 Authorizing appeals from certain decisions related to a citizen-initiated grand jury.
SB266 Requiring law enforcement officers investigating alleged domestic violence to give certain notices to victims and conduct a lethality assessment.
SB267 Defining primary aggressor for domestic violence purposes and requiring law enforcement policies to direct that arrest is the preferred response only with respect to the primary aggressor.
SB270 Including acts that occur in the course of the taking of property in the crimes of robbery and aggravated robbery.
SB279 Granting law enforcement officials access to the prescription monitoring program database without a warrant and replacing the member of the program advisory committee representing the Kansas bureau of investigation with the attorney general or the attorney general's designee.
SB280 Modifying self-defense and use of force provisions related to the initial aggressor standard, changing immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action to an affirmative defense and requiring reporting and publication of certain data related to use of force cases by the Kansas bureau of investigation and the judicial administrator.
SB283 Prohibiting conveyance of certain real property in this state to foreign adversaries.
SB288 Authorizing certain individuals with revoked driver's licenses to be eligible for restricted driving privileges.
SB289 Permitting functional incapacitation release and terminal medical condition release for persons sentenced to imprisonment for an off-grid offense and extending terminal medical condition release to inmates in the custody of the secretary of corrections with a condition likely to cause death within 180 days.
SB292 Updating statutes related to the Kansas army and air national guard, providing for the appointment of a state judge advocate and providing for the adjustment of death and disability benefits.
SB298 Providing for child support orders for unborn children with a detectable heartbeat.
SB317 Permitting a prosecution for childhood sexual abuse to be commenced at any time, extending the time to file civil actions for recovery of damages caused by childhood sexual abuse and providing exceptions in the Kansas tort claims act for claims arising from such abuse.
SB318 Removing the requirement that municipal courts collect fingerprints from persons convicted of violating certain municipal ordinance provisions related to vehicle registration or driving without a valid driver's license or motor vehicle liability insurance coverage.
HB2017 Enacting the uniform family law arbitration act.
HB2018 Permitting a will or a copy of a will filed within six months after the death of the testator to be admitted to probate at any time.
HB2023 Creating the crime of interference with the conduct of a hospital, providing criminal penalties for violation thereof and increasing the criminal penalties for battery of a healthcare provider who is employed by a hospital.
HB2144 Authorizing modification of a noncharitable irrevocable trust to provide that the rule against perpetuities is inapplicable, providing that the Kansas uniform statutory rule against perpetuities is inapplicable to trusts under certain circumstances and modifying the definition of resident trust in the Kansas income tax act.
HB2392 Updating the Kansas code of military justice relating to certain definitions, unlawful acts and punishment requirements thereof.
HB2398 Adding the placing of controlled substances into pills into the definition of manufacture, increasing the criminal penalties for manufacturing fentanyl and creating a special sentencing rule to make sentences for distributing fentanyl presumptive imprisonment.
HB2443 Establishing the office of the child advocate.

Local Government - 6 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB86 Requiring local governmental officials to disclose substantial interests in the construction and operation of a wind or solar energy conversion system and to abstain from all local governmental actions relating to such matters.
SB150 Authorizing the division of printing to print for local governments and schools.
SB162 Creating the Riley county unincorporated area nuisance abatement act to establish procedures for the removal and abatement of nuisances in the unincorporated areas of the county and the assessment of the costs for such abatement.
SB212 Permitting an ambulance to operate with one emergency medical service provider in rural counties.
SB273 Eliminating the zoning and planning authority for cities in the three-mile area extending from the city boundaries.
SB312 Requiring the approval of the board of county commissioners prior to the exercise of the power of eminent domain by certain public utilities.

Public Health and Welfare - 32 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB12 Enacting the Kansas child mutilation prevention act to criminalize performing gender reassignment surgery or prescription of hormone replacement therapy on certain persons and providing grounds for unprofessional conduct for healing arts licensees.
SB20 Requiring child care facilities, elementary, secondary, postsecondary educational institutions and employers to grant exemptions from vaccine requirements without inquiring into the sincerity of the request and repealing the meningitis vaccine requirement to live in student housing.
SB43 Making and concerning appropriations for the university of Kansas medical center for fiscal years 2023, 2024 and 2025 for conducting certain clinical trials at the midwest stem cell therapy center.
SB45 Updating income eligibility requirements for the state children's health insurance program.
SB103 Updating certain provisions of the Kansas dental practices act relating to dentist information requested by patients, in-person practice requirements in dental office using licensee's name, unprofessional conduct and patient complaints.
SB111 Enacting the massage therapist licensure act to provide for regulation and licensing of massage therapists.
SB118 Expanding the duties of the secretary of health and environment when investigating maternal deaths to include promoting continuity of care, helping develop performance measures and establishing an external review committee to study cases and make recommendations to prevent maternal deaths.
SB121 Broadening the scope of practice of naturopathic doctors and changing certain provisions pertaining to the licensure and regulation of naturopathic doctors.
SB139 Expanding newborn screening services and increasing transfer from the medical assistance fee fund to the Kansas newborn screening fund.
SB148 Enacting the ensuring transparency in prior authorization act to impose requirements and limitations on the use of prior authorization in healthcare.
SB161 Imposing certain health insurance coverage requirements for screening and diagnostic examinations for breast cancer.
SB173 Authorizing the over-the-counter purchase of ivermectin tablets and hydroxychloroquine tablets.
SB175 Prohibiting abortion procedures and creating the crimes of unlawful performance of an abortion and unlawful destruction of a fertilized embryo.
SB176 Increasing the membership of the behavioral sciences regulatory board, decreasing the years of practice required for reciprocity licensure of certain professions, extending the license period for temporary licenses, establishing new license categories, providing additional continuing education requirements and requiring that clinical social work supervisors be approved by the board.
SB181 Authorizing establishment of city or county child death review boards and permitting disclosure of records and information related to child deaths.
SB191 Establishing requirements for the involuntary discharge or transfer of a resident in an adult residential care facility, the right to appeal such discharge or transfer and a process for such appeal.
SB206 Enacting the medical autonomy/accessibility and truth act to remove certain provisions regarding abortion from the no taxpayer funding for abortion act, the woman's-right-to-know act and the pain-capable unborn child act to allow for insurance coverage for abortions, provide tax benefits for abortion-related services and remove inaccurate statements regarding the risks of abortion.
SB213 Requiring healthcare providers to charge the same amount for medical record requests related to a patient's social security disability, workers' compensation, medical malpractice or personal injury claims whether requested by a patient or the patient's legal representative.
SB225 Establishing the KanCare bridge to a healthy Kansas program to expand Medicaid eligibility.
SB234 Prohibiting governmental entities from sharing or transmitting social care information into a closed loop referral system.
SB235 Expanding limitations to third-party access to provider network contracts and discounts unless certain criteria are met and prohibitions on payment method restrictions and limitations on certain transaction fees from dental services to all healthcare services.
SB246 Defining in-state and interstate practitioners under the Kansas telemedicine act, establishing certain standards of care, requiring certain insurance coverage of in-state telemedicine services and establishing the Kansas telehealth advisory committee.
SB277 Providing for the regulation of supplemental nursing services agencies by the secretary for aging and disability services.
SB281 Creating the position of dementia services coordinator within the department of aging and disability services.
SB294 Increasing the amount of state moneys distributed to local health departments.
SB305 Enacting the massage therapist licensure act to provide for regulation and licensing of massage therapists.
SB319 Establishing the alternatives to abortion program to provide resources and promote childbirth to women facing unplanned pregnancies.
SB320 Creating the born-alive infants protection act to provide legal protections for infants who are born alive regardless of the intent of the delivery.
HB2140 Requiring work registrants ages 50-59 to complete an employment and training program to receive food assistance.
HB2179 Establishing periods of ineligibility for child care subsidy based on cooperation with child support services and requiring the secretary to conduct reviews of cooperation with child support.
HB2194 Enacting the Representative Gail Finney memorial foster care bill of rights.
HB2408 Exempting certain services provided in an adult care homes from the provisions of the acts regulating cosmetologists and barbers.

Transportation - 4 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB90 Increasing certain registration and title fees on vehicles for services provided by county treasurers and the division of vehicles, decreasing certain fees related to administrative costs and modifying the disposition of such fees and eliminating the division of vehicles modernization surcharge.
SB142 Requiring drivers to proceed with due caution when passing stationary vehicles displaying hazard warning lights and providing a penalty for violation thereof.
SB215 Establishing the Kansas rail safety improvement act, providing for safety requirements for railroad operations and crossings and allowing for the transfer of title for abandoned railroad tracks to cities and counties.
HB2149 Allowing distinctive license plates to be personalized license plates.

Utilities - 7 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB46 Requiring existing wind energy conversion systems to install light-mitigating technology systems.
SB78 Requiring the state corporation commission to review the regional rate competitiveness of an electric utility's rates in electric utility rate proceedings.
SB88 Providing for the statewide election of commissioners of the state corporation commission, establishing the utilities regulation division in the office of the attorney general, requiring such division to represent and protect the collective interests of utility customers in utility rate-related proceedings and exempting the state corporation commission from the open meetings act.
SB154 Limiting the amount of fees, taxes and other charges on a utility bill assessed by a board of public utilities.
SB214 Prohibiting public utilities from recovering any dues, donations or contributions to any charitable or social organization or entity through customer rates.
SB278 Requiring public utilities to report information regarding customer assistance programs, account delinquencies and disconnections.
SB284 Establishing the blind information access act to require the state library to provide on-demand information access services to persons who are blind, visually impaired, deafblind or print disabled.

Ways and Means - 13 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
SB10 Increasing the daily rate of compensation and eliminating the annualization of compensation in determining KPERS benefits and contributions for legislators first serving on or after January 13, 2025, and providing a compensation and KPERS benefits election for legislators with service prior to January 13, 2025.
SB35 Increasing the rate of compensation for legislators for service during regular and special sessions and the interim period between regular sessions.
SB67 Transferring $1,000,000,000 from the state general fund to the budget stabilization fund of the department of administration during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023.
SB151 Concerning state agencies; relating to the employee award and recognition program; authorizing hiring, recruitment and retention bonuses; increasing the limitation on such award or bonus to $10,000; eliminating the secretary of administration's authority to adopt rules and regulations; and requiring such secretary to submit an annual report to certain legislative committees concerning such awards and bonuses.
SB153 Making and concerning supplemental appropriations for fiscal years 2023 and 2024 for various state agencies.
SB198 Providing a postretirement cost-of-living adjustment for certain KPERS retirants.
SB272 Increasing the transfer from the state highway fund to the public use general aviation airport development fund.
SB275 Changing the total amount credited to the state gaming revenues fund, increasing the transfer of moneys from such fund to the correctional institutions building fund and decreasing the transfer of moneys to the state economic development initiatives fund.
SB324 Creating the legislative help grant fund, establishing legislative help grants, state representative grants and state senator grants for cities and counties and prescribing procedures, requirements and limitations for such grants.
SB326 Making and concerning appropriations for FY 23 and FY 24 for the department of administration for an income tax rebate to certain Kansas resident taxpayers.
HB2418 Abolishing the study commission for the consolidation of Kansas City, Kansas, and Wyandotte county, consolidation commission of Topeka, Kansas, and Shawnee county, study commission for the consolidation in Greeley county, state emergency response commission, transportation vision task force, Persian Gulf war veterans health initiative act, Kansas export finance act, community strategic planning assistance act, natural and scientific areas advisory board, public finance transparency board, Kansas film services commission, Kansas bioscience authority, KAN-ED act and department of health and environment advisory committees.
HB2449 Providing that all members of statutory boards or commissions who are authorized by statute to receive compensation shall receive the amount of per diem compensation paid to legislators.
HB2452 Eliminating the requirement that the state employees health care commission offer long-term care insurance and indemnity insurance.
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