Kansas Legislature

SB 541

AN ACT concerning governmental action; relating to public health; prohibiting a governmental entity or public official from ordering or otherwise requiring a person to wear a face mask as a response to a contagious or infectious disease; prohibiting a governmental entity or public official from restricting worship services or activities; providing that orders and similar actions by public officials relating to gathering limitations and business restrictions shall not exceed 30 days in duration at a time before being renewed or allowed to expire; requiring court petitions challenging such orders and actions to be ruled on without unreasonable delay; prohibiting school officials from issuing or requiring use of a COVID-19 vaccination passport or discriminating against a student based upon COVID-19 vaccination status; requiring schools to recognize exemptions from vaccination requirements; modifying judicial review provisions related to certain executive orders issued during a state of disaster emergency and certain actions taken by a local unit of government during a state of local disaster emergency; limiting powers of the governor and other governmental entities under the Kansas emergency management act related to the exercise of religion; prescribing powers, duties and functions of the board of education of each school district, the governing body of each community college and the governing body of each technical college related to contagious or infectious disease and modifying judicial review provisions related thereto; removing the sunset provision in the COVID-19 contact tracing privacy act; prohibiting schools and child care facilities from denying access to facilities unless there are reasonable grounds to believe that the person is actually infected with a disease suspected of being infectious or contagious; amending K.S.A. 65-119, 65-122 and 72-6262 and K.S.A. 2021 Supp. 48-925, 48-925c, 48-925d, 48-932, 48-961, 65-101, 65-201 and 65-202 and repealing the existing sections.

Senate - Final Action - Passed as amended; - 03/23/2022

On roll call the vote was:

Yea - (24):

Alley, Baumgardner, Billinger, Bowers, Claeys, Erickson, Fagg, Gossage, Hilderbrand, Kerschen, Kloos, Masterson, Olson, Peck, Petersen, Pyle, Ryckman, Steffen, Straub, Suellentrop, Thompson, Tyson, Warren, Wilborn,

Nay - (14):

Corson, Dietrich, Doll, Faust-Goudeau, Francisco, Haley, Hawk, Holland, Holscher, Longbine, Pettey, Pittman, Sykes, Ware,

Present and Passing - (1):


Absent and Not Voting - (1):


Not Voting - (0):